Binning, Photographer: 0052.0617

FINE PORTRAITURE IS NOW AVAILABLE – Most Modern Appliances Are Found in New Studio of Bob Binning

            Up-to-date in every particular, a new photograph studio has been opened at 60 Elizabeth Street, Barrie, by Bob Binning, formerly of Cranbrook, B.C.  Mr. Binning sold his business there to Wm. Barton of Barrie, who succeeded J. Frank Jackson here when the latter retired after conducting a studio of portrait photography in Barrie for many years.

            Mr. Binning’s studio is in one of the new stores recently finished on the north side of Elizabeth street, some two blocks west of the Five Points.  It is divided up into three departments.  At the rear, the studio proper has been fitted up with some of the latest appliances available to modern photography.  Some of the equipment includes a 6000-watt electric light cabinet, an automatic printing apparatus operated by electricity, a complete new developing and printing dark room with its multitude of fixtures, together with many other studio accessories of the latest pattern.  The 6000-watt cabinet sheds a clear, powerful light by which photographs can be taken on a dull day, or quite as easily and perfectly at night.  The screen can be softly shaded to produce any photographic effect desired and can be moved to any position according as light is desired.

            One of the most important of the studio appliances is a large $500 camera, equipped with a lens of the latest pattern.

            A private waiting-room and a larger public waiting room at the front of the premises take up the balance of the store space.

            Mr. Binning is a portrait photographer and a nature photographer of many years’ experience.  He has done some fine work out West and when he moved East he brought with him some samples of his best efforts.  These include a group of scenic views of the Rocky Mountains, done in sepia, which have already been exhibited in town.  The C.P.R. scenic department offered to purchase them on one occasion.

            In deciding to establish himself in Barrie Mr. Binning did so partly because he believes that Barrie needs an up-to-date photography studio and partly because he and his wife found the high altitude of the Rockies too rigorous.  Mr. Binning is nearer his birthplace, Listowel, Ont., and Mrs. Binning is also closer to her old home, Toronto, where she has many relatives living.  Mr. Binning’s father, W.E. Binning, is Listowel’s oldest resident, and his grandfather was the first settler to farm in that community – Barrie Examiner.

0052.0617: Binning, Photographer

Newspaper excerpt Barrie Examiner - former Cranbrook resident and photographer opens new photograph studio in Barrie, On.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  September 29, 1922
Pages:  5
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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