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CRANBROOK ROTARY  [Photo – JACK DELANEY Speaker at Tuesday’s Rotary Luncheon.  Subject “Hardware.”

            Jack Delaney was the chief attraction of the weekly get-together of the Cranbrook Rotary club in their rooms Tuesday, delivering his vocational talk in reply to George Robson and Bert Jones on the subject of building and the cost which enter into the construction of homes.  Jack made his debut amid a shower of applause that carried him off his feet for the time being.  In opening, he made it clear that about six per cent of the actual cost of a building costing around $2500 could be traced to hardware, the subject of his discourse.  The hardware merchants carried many lines more as a convenience for the contractor than for the making of profit.  In some instances a stock of locks were carried, costing $800.00 or thereabouts, and at the end of a season probably the total sales would amount to $200.00.  This, the speaker said, constituted a loss at the end of the season.  Shelf hardware was selling very moderately in Cranbrook and should not stand in the way of increased building activity in a city like Cranbrook, where erection of at least fifty cottages should be proceeded with.  The speaker concluded his remarks by suggesting that the lumber manufacturer, the contractor and the hardware men combine and erect a number of houses to further demonstrate the feasibility of his argument.


            Pete Lund, the jumbo Rotarian from Lethbridge, was in attendance at the luncheon Tuesday, being en route home from Spokane, where he was on an important business trip.  Pete has a warm spot in his heart for Cranbrook and stated that next to Lethbridge, his first love, he cast longing glances at Cranbrook, where he always felt at home.

0052.0593: Cranbrook Rotary

Cranbrook Rotary weekly luncheon with guest speaker says 6 per cent of the actual cost of building costs could be traced to hardware.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 25, 1922
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


speaker luncheon vocational hardware lumber contractor


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