Pool & Park Bylaw: 0052.0460

PLAN SHOWING PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT OF CITY PARK  [Accompanied by architectural sketch]

            On Wednesday, the 28th, the ratepayers of Cranbrook will be given the opportunity of voting on a bylaw to permit the establishment of a park as per the plan herewith.  The park idea has long been in the minds of the citizens of Cranbrook as a necessity to the city.  Now the idea has taken a concrete form and if the vote is carried will become a reality.  The park will contain a first class up-to-date swimming pool, swings, slides, giant strides, horizontal bar, teeter totters, sand pile and all equipment for the proper training of the kiddies of our city.  During the Summer season proper supervision will be arranged and from this civic centre the sports for the kiddies will be directed.  The amount of the by-law asked for is $10,000.00 but it is the intention to make a start this year by purchasing the four lots and one building now not owned by the city at a price of $1,800 in all (this cost can be reduced by sale of building, which could not be built for $1,800.)  Then the tank will be completed.  It is of cement 40x90 feet, with a graduating depth of from one foot to eight feet, and will be completed in time for use before the summer is over.  It will also be a nucleus to add to from time to time.  The cost of the tank will be approximately $3,000.00 making a total expenditure this year of not in excess of $5,000.00  The balance of the park construction will extend over a period of two or three years and it has been suggested that the planting of trees and flower beds, etc., be undertaken by individual citizens and societies, thus reducing the cost to the city and making the total expenditure of $10,000.00 unnecessary.  Elsewhere will be found a list of increased taxation necessary on account of this by-law, and it will be seen that the increased taxation per thousand dollars of assessment is exceedingly small, not being over $1 per year.

            The kiddies of to-day are the citizens of to-morrow.  Can you not afford this small expenditure, so that the citizens of to-morrow will be better men and women?

            If the taxpayers of this city would save one cent per day per year this would more than make this park a reality.

            Vote for it.





            Plenty of room for dives and dens (glitter and glare and sin);

            Plenty of room for prison pens (gather the criminals in);

            Plenty of room for jails and courts (willing enough to pay),

            But never a place for the lads to race – no, never a place to play.


            Plenty of room for shops and stores – Mamman must have the best –

            Plenty of room for the running sores that rot in the town’s breast!

            Plenty of room for the lures that lead the hearts of our youth astray;

            But never a cent on the playground spent – no never a place to play.



            Plenty of room for schools and halls, plenty of room for art;

            Plenty of room for teas and balls, platform, stage and mart,

            Proud is the town – she finds a place for many a fad today;

            But she’s more than blind if she fails to find a place for the boys to play.


            Give them a chance for innocent sport, give them a chance for fun –

            Better a playground plot than a court and a jail when the harm is done!

            Give them a chance – if you stint them now, tomorrow you’ll have to pay

            A larger bill for darker ill; so give them a chance to play!



0052.0460: Pool & Park Bylaw

Urging Cranbrook citizens to vote "yes" for upcoming vote proposing a bylaw to permit the establishment of a park and swimming pool, includes a poem.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 23, 1922
Pages:  9
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


ratepayers voting bylaw park citizen swimming pool civic centre taxation


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