Park & Pool By-Law: 0052.0455


            Help the boy.  Vote for the park bylaw.


            Character wants room.  Give the kids a park and playground.  Support the playground by-law.


            Childhood is the sleep of reason, but it will be to your interest Mr. and Mrs. Ratepayer to give the child a helping hand by casting your vote for the playground Wednesday next.


            Character is victory organized.  Help the boy.  Vote for the swimming pool and play grounds.


            Children and drunk people speak the truth.  Be sober and watch Wednesday next, the date for the passage of the first movement for the kids of Cranbrook.


            Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day.  Let your light shine forth on Wednesday next by marking your ballot in favor of a place to play for the children.


            Childhood and youth see all the world in persons.  How will the Cranbrook kids look at you after Wednesday if they suspect you voted against a place for them to play in?  Think it over.

0052.0455: Park & Pool By-Law

Urging all Cranbrook citizens to vote in favor of city park by-law.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 23, 1922
Pages:  7
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


vote park by-law playground swimming pool children ballot


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