Park & Pool: 0052.0444

PARK & POOL BYLAW SUBMITTED JUNE 28 – City Council Hold Long Session – Regular Meeting Night Changed to Second Thursday.

            It was well into the midnight hour Tuesday when city council concluded its regular monthly business session.  There were present his Worship Mayor Genest and aldermen Santo, Balment, Flowers, Arnold and Moir.  Superintendent of Works Eakin, Fire Chief Reece and Foreman of Works Soden were present.  No ratepayers put in an appearance to watch the deliberations.

            The city clerk read the minutes of the previous meeting, which were on motion approved.

            Under the head of communications a letter from Conrad Johnson, of Vancouver, was read stating he would make a monetary grant towards the proposed new park, providing the site opposite the Hanson garage was used.  He would also assist in the purchase of trees, etc.  The clerk was instructed to acknowledge letter, thanking Mr. Johnson for his offer.

            Mr. H. Herchmer, acting for Mr. H. Hern, a Kootenay Orchard rancher wrote to the city stating that Mr. Hern would hold the city responsible for damages to his place, due to the city diverting water at the reservoir through repairs being effected at the dam.  Alderman Balment, chairman of the water committee, thought the case developed through spite, because of the fact that Hern was not put to work on the job.  The council decided to lay the matter over pending an interview with Mr. H.B. Hicks, water rights commissioner.

            A letter from Nisbet and Graham, solicitors for George R. Leask, re damage to his property last winter, caused through flooding.  The matter was referred to Gurd and Spreull for advice on motion of Aldermen Arnold and Balment.

            M.A. Beale, agent for a Baker St. property, will be advised that the council will not permit the rooms over same to be occupied unless sewerage connection is made.

            The finance committee passed a batch of accounts and ordered payment of same.

            The report of Foreman of Works Soden for the past month contained good news.  Water to the cemetery has been provided, and a gang of men set to work weeding and cleaning up generally.  The walks are being out in shape and graveled.  The report showed four sewer connections made during the month.  Those depositing garbage in the lanes are due for a fine as the city will not make any exception.  Superintendent Eakin will go over the city and make a report of all violating the law in this regard.  The “silent policemen” at the intersections of the important business thoroughfares will be straightened up and made presentable.  Mr. Eakin suggested putting in concrete at the intersection of Baker street and Norbury avenue, where the auto traffic is hard on roads and dangerous to business houses, due to stones thrown up by autos making the sharp curve.

            The report of Chief Reece for the month of May was adopted.  He presented an exhaustive report on the chimneys within the city limits, showing the different classifications.  The report covers the work up to the end of May.  The report brought forth the following motion by Alderman Balment, seconded by Alderman Santo: That all chimneys found defective within the city limits be repaired.  This carried after a flare up between Alderman Balment and Moir.

            Those putting up headstones and do-  (Continued on page 7)


(Continued from page 1)  ing work at the cemetery will be asked to clean up and keep the place neat and trim.  This more particularly applies to parties erecting headstones.  Motion by Aldermen Balment and Arnold.

            Dairy Inspector Rutledge presented his report for the past month.  Several samples of milk tested and found satisfactory.  Doctor Alton, provincial veterinary, paid the district a visit during the past week and tested the animals for tuberculosis.

            Superintendent Eakin presented his report for the past month.  Thirty-nine street lights were replaced during the past thirty days.  New motors installed at the Cranbrook Sash and Door company, St. Eugene hospital and Manual Training School.  Report received.

            The Bull River Power company have had the use of the city cement mixer for the past nine months at a monthly rental of $125.  They asked for a reduction, but the council decided to uphold the decision of the previous council that the rent be as agreed.

            Alderman Balment wanted to know if it was legal for Alderman Santo to still retain his seat on the council now that he had accepted a position with the government as vendor.  The Municipal Act was referred to in this connection, which states that a person holding a liquor license cannot hold office.  Alderman Santo has since had a wire from Mr. Beard, inspector of municipalities, stating his present position in no way interfered with his municipal duties.

            A delegation from the Cranbrook Rotary Club, Messrs. Marsh, Fink, Graham, DeWolf, McKay and Clark were present to answer any questions the city council may care to ask in connection with the proposed park and swimming pool project.

            Bylaw No. 212, being the Public Parks Debenture Bylaw, for the borrowing of $10,000, was read a first, second and third time, with the mayor in the chair, and will be submitted to the ratepayers on Wednesday, June 28th.  T.M. Roberts was appointed returning officer.

            Frank Marsh, president of the Rotary club, on being invited to speak, said he had heard some objections to the plan, the question of supervision being the main objection.  The main object this year was to acquire the land and construct the swimming pool.

            Ald. Arnold, while strongly supporting the scheme, was not favorable to submitting a bylaw for $10,000, but thought the payments should be extended over a period of years.

            Alderman Flowers favored the project, but thought the city should raise the money some other way.  “Eliminate all grants and put the money into a separate park fund.”

            Alderman Balment favored the scheme and said he always advocated such for Cranbrook.  He was of the opinion, however, that the Rotary club would get the credit of putting in the park, and had thought the city had asked the people for enough money.

            Alderman Santo said he would hold up both hands for the park.  The Rotary club could go nowhere else but to the city for assistance, seeing the park was purely a project for the benefit of the citizens.  The Rotary Club was not behind the movement for any benefit to themselves, but purely as a community movement.  The citizens of Cranbrook, he thought, would give their whole-hearted support.

            President Frank Marsh explained that the Rotary Club was not out to take all the credit for the movement.  It was a part of the Rotary principles to cater to the boy and girl and this project came within the scope of the movement.  The club motto “He Profits Most Who Serves the Best” is the guiding principle of the organization.

            His Worship Mayor Genest thought the Rotary Club worthy of great praise.  He had read a lot of late concerning their varied activities and thought with business good in the district there would be no difficulty in financing.

            Rev. E.W. MacKay said he knew that the Rotary club had given a lot of time to the work and considered the scheme from many angles.  He thought the city should make a real beginning this year in carrying out the building of the swimming pool.  We should be sanely optimistic and with the Consolidated Mining and Smelting company spending a million and a half in the district there was not much fear of disaster.

            J.P. Fink, replying to Alderman Balment, said he favored the placing of a bylaw.  Cranbrook should have had a park years ago.

            Alan Graham said Rotary was not out to take any glory for the putting of the project over.  It was a duty imposed on every member of Rotary to interest himself in the community in which he lived.  Rotary was a democratic body and a power of good wherever it goes.

            A motion by Aldermen Santo and Moir that the votes of the electors be taken on Wednesday, June 28th, was carried.

            Yorkie Atkinson, residing outside the city limits, applied for water connection.  The matter was laid over.

            The council will meet hereafter on the second Thursday in each month, instead of the second Tuesday, as formerly.  Council adjourned at 11:45 p.m.

0052.0444: Park & Pool

Cranbrook City Council had a long regular monthly meeting dealing with park and pool by-law, cost of damages to residents and businesses caused by city development, cemetary upkeep, etc.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 16, 1922
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


city council mator aldermen superintendent fire chief monetary grant park damages reservoir dam solicitors sewerage cemetery chimney headstones dairy inspector veterinary tuberculosis swimming pool bylaw electors


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