B Flight No. 1 Squadron No. 2 I.T.S. R.C.A.F: 0131.0004

B Flight No. 1 Squadron No. 2 I.T.S. R.C.A.F
B Flight No. 1 Squadron No. 2 I.T.S. R.C.A.F



Regina, Sask., July 19, 1940



Syd Graham -  London, Ont.                Norman E. Hahn - Wisconsin

Leslie Farrow – Montreal                     George Evans – Montreal

Hugh C. Godifrey – Toronto                 Bill Gibb – Drumheller, Alta.

Eddie George -                                     Ron Gifford – Quebec

Winston D. Gilbert – Fredricton            A.L. Foster –

Roland Gaulet – Montreal                     Paul Faguy – Quebec City

Arthur Fay – Katepwa Beach,Sask.      Frank Crax-Beaverdams – Thorold, Ont.

Chris Harl – Toronto                            Ray Hardy – Fort Wm.

Jack Erlle – Vancouver, B.C.                H.L. Flynn –

N.J. Hall – Calgary                               Wm. J. Freeman – Stratford-on-Avon, Ont.

J.A. Foster – Vancouver, B.C. C.R. Golden – Prince Albert, Sask.

Patrick A. Goodyear –                         J.J. Foster – Fenton, Mich. U.S.A.

Bill FindlayOttawa                            “Red” Francis – Battleford, Sask.

C.A. Fawley – N. Battleford, Sask.      H.E. Gibbons – Regina, Sask.

Ray Foote – Kentville, N.S.                  Malcolm Trauer – Antigonish, N.S.

C.J. Flanaury -                                     Alan H. Gudgeon – Shawinigan Falls, P.Q.

D. Gibson – Montreal                           Bill Fogarty – Regina, Sask.

Harry Guest – Regina, Sask.                 L. George – Toronto

C. Johnny Evans – Hamilton, Ont.         Carson C. Fisher, Kirkland Lake, Ont.

“Luke” O. Harnes -                              Leslie W. Hart -  Ontario

Bons S. Galitzine – Klakoff, Russia       Victor Fulton –

J.J. Flood – Toronto                             Seth Grossmith - Montreal

J.F. Gauley l- Toronto                          Cpl. J. Collige –

L.S. Ford – Liverpool, N.S.                 “Pilot Butch” Gibson - Montreal                                   

0131.0004: B Flight No. 1 Squadron No. 2 I.T.S. R.C.A.F

B Flight No. 1, Squadron No. 2 I.T.S. Royal Canadian Airforce, Regina, Sask. WW 2. Name list derived from signatures therefore may not be correct. See text list.

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  July 19, 1940
Collection:  Kootenay Gallery of Art, History & Science (0131)


airforce squadron


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