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            In the last issue of the Herald there appeared a calmly written and carefully considered article touching the feasibility of bringing some of the water from Moyie lake to fill a depression to the south of Cranbrook and so provide a swimming place and fishing ground.  It is admitted that we need some such reasonable adornment but the suggestion has filled the soul of an anonymous correspondent in Moyie with wrath.  The Herald rarely takes notice of unsigned letters but the following is too good to be dropped in the wastepaper basket:

                                                                                    Moyie, B.C., July 29, ‘07

The editor Herald, Cranbrook.

            Sir:- I view with alarm and disgust your article about draining Moyie lake into some place near Cranbrook for to be a swimming pond and a pick-nic ground for the people of Cranbrook.  The people of Moyie won’t stand for such an outrage, and will fight against your old siphon til there is ice in the place all the capitals of Hogtown ought to be frying in like ham on a pan.  Right enough, Moyie is higher than Hogtown and if the siphon once got working our grand lakes would be a hole in the ground and Fort Steele would be drowned like another Sadam and Gemora and our great submarine mine that is the seven wonders of the world would not be worth a hill of beens to talk about as it is now.  While the water of the lake runs like blood in the vains (sic.) of us folks down here we won’t have yous making pick-nics and fish ponds out of our alters and our homes.  Yous wants the earth and yous is getting it, but you can’t get the water.  We stood for yous getting the Spokane train to pass Moyie like a white chip, but the minute yous put in a pipe, like a pipe dream, to drink our lake dry and make a roman holeday out of yourselfs, there will be just naturall Hell a popping.

                                                                                                Yours very respectful,

                                                                                                            Rif fel shot.

            Shake, Rifleshot, old pard!  Any time you come up to Cranbrook there is a Roman holiday waiting for you.  If you have any more of the same wrath in your thunder factory you can send it along.

0052.0194: Cranbrook Lake

Follow-up of the article regarding filling a lake south of Cranbrook with water from Moyie has an anonymous letter from a very upset Moyie resident.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 1, 1907
Pages:  4
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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