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BOARD OF TRADE HOLD MEETING – Business Men of Cranbrook Must Wake Up and Attend Meetings of Local Board.

            The business men of Cranbrook must awake insofar as the board of trade is concerned.  A few years ago the good work of Cranbrook board of trade was known province-wide.  Who ever hears of that body today?  Who?  A few men who still have the interests of the city at heart are striving to keep the wheels turning, but the grind is getting harder every day.  It is up to you, Mr. Business Man, to throw off your coat and get in and work for your own interest.  The time has arrived when you can no longer let the other fellow shoulder your burden.  Awake!  Arise!  You have been sleeping in!

            There was not a quorum present at the city hall on Tuesday evening at the regular meeting of the Board of Trade and the meeting was postponed until Wednesday afternoon at five o’clock.

            The meeting was called to order by President Christie.

            Twenty-one new members who had paid their membership fees were elected to membership.

            The following letter from Mr. A.K. Leitch regarding the result of his recent visit to Victoria for the Board of Trade was read and filed:

The Board of Trade, Cranbrook, B.C.:

            Gentlemen: As your delegate instructed to go to Victoria and interview the government in respect to aid for the wood distilling plant for your district, I beg to say:

            That the Hon. W.R. Ross was the first interviewed in the matter and he explained to Mr. Moore and myself that we were coming to Victoria at a very bad time, as there was a lot of business to be cleaned up before the house prorogued, which would be in the course of a week or ten days, and that our matter could not receive the same attention it would have received, had we been there earlier in the session.

            Several consultations were had with the premier, who expressed much interest.  Matters were gone into as fully as could be and the result of the consultations were to the effect that the government was greatly interested and would do something for this project, but just what form this assistance would take, the premier was not then prepared to say, only that it would be of a substantial nature.

            The matter now stands for the government to be heard from with some kind of a definite proposal, and upon receipt of any further information, I will communicate further with your association.

                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                                                    A. K. Leitch

            Jaffray, B.C., March 30th, 1915.

            The following communication was read from Mr. F.E. Simpson, formerly the proprietor of the Cranbrook Herald, and filed:

Secretary Board of Trade, Cranbrook, B.C.:

            Dear Sir: It is my intention to start a weekly paper in Victoria during the present month.  Aside from matters of interest at the coast, I am anxious to secure from the upper country news, items and short articles regarding various towns and contiguous territory, with illustrations showing attractive scenery, important public buildings, and typical better class of residences.  If you, or someone for you, will write me a half column  once or twice a month I will be only too pleased to insert the same in my paper, thus giving my readers here news and facts of importance regarding the upper country.  I would like to have the first letter sent as soon as possible, with at least two or three of your best cuts one or two columns wide.  There will be no charge for the printing of either the news article or the cuts.  Have the cuts sent care of the Cusack Building and addressed to “The Victorian.”

            I trust we may be able to further our mutual relations along this line as I am anxious to publish a paper that will be a benefit to the province as a whole, and of interest to the people.

            Very truly yours,

                                                            F. E. Simpson.

1546 Monterey Ave.

            Victoria, B.C., April 7th, 1915.

            The matter of furnishing articles for Mr. Simpson was referred to Mr. F.A. Russell, chairman of the Natural Resources committee.

            Letter from the C.P.R. Department of Natural Resources regarding the supplying of advertising matter for the San Francisco exposition was read and the secretary was instructed to ship all pamphlets now on hand to San Francisco.

            Correspondence regarding the establishment of a military training headquarters here was given but nothing definite has so far been promised.

            Correspondence re the seed grain proposition was read.

            Report from Mr. Geo. F. Stevenson, chairman of the railway committee, regarding the re-organization of the Associated Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia was read and filed.

            Report from W.A. Nisbet recommending certain changes in the wording of the bylaws was read and referred to the next meeting.

            Board adjourned.

0052.0107: Board Of Trade

Cranbrook Board of Trade disappointed in their local business men for lack of interest in the goings on of the Board and for not attending meetings.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  April 15, 1915
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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