Council Elections: 0052.0104

THE CONTEST FOR ALDERMEN – The Bowness Ticket Elected With Big Majority – Heavy Vote Polled On Tuesday

            The city election occurred on Tuesday, March 30th, resulting in a sweeping and overwhelming victory for the Bowness ticket, the lowest man on that ticket being elected by a majority of 67 over the highest man on the Citizens’ ticket.  Malcolm Horie, who was proposed on the latter ticket, withdrew his name before the ballots were printed and therefore only five names appeared on that ticket.  This tended toward electing the straight Bowness ticket.

            Lester Clapp led the poll with 327 votes and W.S. Santo headed the Citizens’ ticket with 182 votes.  There was a heavy vote cast, the total number being 463 out of which there were only two spoiled ballots.

            A large number of automobiles were used by the various candidates throughout the day enabling all the voters to get to the polls.  There was considerable interest on the streets concerning the election and after the polls closed at night a large crowd waited to hear the result.  When the final announcement was made the crowd cheered the victors and quietly departed to their various homes evidently well satisfied with the day’s results.

            The result of the vote was as follows:

Bowness Ticket

Lester Clapp                                                                                                                327

T.H. Banfield                                                                                                              308

G. Erickson                                                                                                                 301

A.J. Balment                                                                                                               300

J.F. Campbell                                                                                                              298

Geo. R. Leask                                                                                                             249

Citizens Ticket

W.S. Santo                                                                                                                  182

Frank Dezall                                                                                                                162

Fred Genest                                                                                                                157

W.B. McFarlane                                                                                                          157

?.B. Hall                                                                                                                      151

            Cranbrook needs more than anything else in 1915 a safe, conservative and practical mayor, and in this regard we believe the interests of the city will be safe in the hands of Mayor Bowness.  Mr. Bowness has been tried in the office and has proven himself to be all that Cranbrook needs.  His council record as an alderman shows that he is neither a “stand patter” or a fool optimist, of which Cranbrook has had too many in office in the past, and may have more in future if the electors are not wise in their choice among the candidates for office.

            There is another feature of city elections which does not appeal to the average elector to which we would like to refer.  Because a man happens to differ with you as to the merits of this or that candidate there is no need to resort to abusive language and say he is no good and that he had better get out of the town.  This sort of thing wins nothing but contempt.  It is all right to get out and work for your man or your ticket – we admire a man who throws off his coat and gets right in to the thick of the fight – but after the scrap is over, for the love of Mike  and the city’s good forget it!

0052.0104: Council Elections

Cranbrook city election results in a major victory for new mayor Bowness and his aldermen.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  April 1, 1915
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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