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            The government offices for East Kootenay, southern division, are now situated at Cranbrook, having been removed from Fort Steele in May last.

            Few people have any idea of the volume of business passing through these offices, but when it is stated that the following business is dealt with, then a true appreciation of their importance will be gained.  Under the department of lands and works the following subjects are treated:

            The issuance of pre-emption records, land purchases, water rights, cancellation of pre-emptions, coal licenses, timber leases and licenses, leave of absence from pre-emptions, surveys and highways, certificates of purchase and improvements, land sales, renewals of licenses of all sorts, war grants, crown grants (land and minerals), works (roads), streets, bridges and buildings and repairs thereto, wharves, etc., tools, etc., and improvement of streams for floating logs.

            Under the department of the attorney-general.  Small debt court, county and supreme courts, official administration of intestate estates, the registration of chattel mortgages, conditional sales, stipendiary magistrate’s court and provisional police matters, the summoning of jurors and witnesses, expenses of inquests, rewards, keep of prisons, transportation of constables and prisoners, rents, medical attendance at gaol and other matters of naturalization.  The registration of brands (cattle and horses), preparation of voters’ lists and revision of same, and local board of health are also dealt with.

            Under the department of the provincial secretary matters pertaining to the treatment of the insane, grants to hospitals and in aid of the poor, destitute, and sick, registration of births, deaths and marriages.

            Under the department of finance.  Office expenses of all kinds, refunds, destruction of wolves, panthers and coyotes, burials, assessment rolls and collection of taxes.

            Under the department of the minister of mines.  The issuance of miner’s certificates, records for full and fractional mineral claims and placer claims, assessments and crown grants on mineral claims, placer leases.

            Under the department of agriculture.  Bush fires, contagious diseases, wild horse act and fire warden regulations.

            The staff.  The chief officer is James Ferguson Armstrong, Esquire, who holds the following appointments:

            Stipendiary magistrate and gold commissioner, gazetted August 1, 1895.

            Gold commissioner South East Kootenay, gazetted July 29, 1897.

            Registrar of births, marriages and deaths, gazetted August 17, 1899.

            Registrar marriage act, gazetted August 17, 1899.

            Registrar county court, gazetted December 22, 1898.

            Registrar supreme court, gazetted May 31, 1900.

            To hold small debts court, gazetted March 16, 1899.

            Deputy coroner for county, gazetted March 10, 1898.

            Stipendiary magistrate for the county, gazetted October 11, 1900.

            Collector of votes, south riding, gazetted May 10, 1899.

            Assistant commissioner of lands and works, court of revision and appeal for assessment, district of Fort Steele, gazetted December 12, 1901.

            Gold commissioner, Fort Steele mining division, gazetted January 12, 1900.

            And is also official administrator for the districts of Cranbrook, Fernie, Slocan and Rossland.

0050.0929: Government Offices

The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 1904. Each department is listed out to what they have to deal with.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December, 1904
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


government offices department lands and works licenses survey highway certificates grants streets roads bridge wharves court chattel mortgages stipendiary police summons prison gaol voters list board of health insane hospital registration burial assessment taxes mining mineral claims bush fires contagious commissioner


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