German Denial: 0050.0897

SAYS HESPERIAN WAS DESTROYED BY MINE – Berlin Pretends to Prove That Vessel Was Not Torpedoed.

BERLIN, September 15. –

            The German government in a note from the Foreign Office to the United States Ambassador, Mr. Gerard, delivered at noon yesterday, made a qualified disclaimer of responsibility for the sinking of the steamship Hesperian.  On the face of the evidence thus far at hand the government is satisfied that the Hesperian was not sunk by a German submarine.


LONDON, September 15. –

                A semi-official statement issued in Berlin today says it has virtually been established that the steamship Hesperian was not sunk by a German submarine.  The statement, forwarded from Amsterdam to Reuter’s Telegram Company, is as follows:

            “According to information in competent quarters it appears, from news at present available, and from facts known in official quarters, to be as good as excluded that a German submarine can be held responsible for sinking the Hesperian.

            “Firstly, in view of the distribution of submarines in accordance with war plans, no German submarine was in the sea district on September 4 in which the Hesperian was sunk.

            “Secondly – According to description received from English sources, the explosion was of such a kind that it must be inferred from the effects that it was caused by a mine rather than a torpedo.  In support of this assumption is the fact that according to accounts received the ship was hit close to the stern and a few foremost compartments were- - - - - - -

0050.0897: German Denial

Germany say to have proof that Hesperian was destroyed by a mine, not by one of their submarines.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  September 22, 1915
Pages:  21
Publisher:  Family Herald and Weekly Star
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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