Council Saves Baker House: 0050.0886


            Cranbrook city council took a big step in assuring the preservation of the Colonel Baker residence in Baker Park last evening.

            Several weeks ago it appeared the structure might be torn down to accommodate a new building for the handicapped.

            The city recommended the location and the society requested the old building be torn down to make way for the new facility.

            The Baker residence will not be torn down, council saw to that last evening when they voted unanimously to make the site unavailable to the society. The city will now look for an alternative site for the proposed facility.   

            At the same time, councilors passed a motion allocating $1,700 for a detailed survey of all historically important buildings, structure sites and monuments in Cranbrook to avoid any further destruction of historically important structures.

            “The purpose of this survey and subsequent cataloging of information is to form a policy which will aid in deciding which buildings are suitable in style, character, and function to represent Cranbrook’s heritage to future generations,” said city planner Hans Kerkovious

            Kerkovious recommended East Kootenay artist Garry Anderson undertake the survey and the council after some discussion agreed the survey was necessary and Anderson would be well qualified to head the project.

            Anderson has already completed considerable ground work on such a survey which has numerous sketches of historical Cranbrook structures and hours of investigation involved, Kerkovious said.

            The main thrust of opposition of the demolition plan came from the East Kootenay Historical Association which recently visited the Baker building verifying its historical value and assessing the structure itself.

            An association brief presented to the councilors was all that was needed in dropping the demolition scheme like a hot potato.

            “Historically this (the Col. Baker residence) is the most outstanding building still standing in the city,” the brief said.

0050.0886: Council Saves Baker House

Cranbrook City Council took steps to ensure the preservation of Colonel Baker residence in Baker Park.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 3, 1975
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Daily Townsman
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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