St. Eugene Meeting: 0050.0825

CRANBROOK SELECTED FOR IMPORTANT MEETING OF MEDICAL MEN – Clinical Meeting to be Held in the St. Eugene Hospital Saturday Next

            Cranbrook and the St. Eugene Hospital have been honored by their selection as the place for the meeting and holding of a clinic in connection with the “Extra Mural Post-Graduate Tour of British Columbia, Sept.-Oct., 1926.”

            The meeting will be the first of its kind to be held in this district, and is a part of the extension work of the Canadian Medical Association, with which the B.C. Medical Association is connected.  Medical men from the East Kootenay district will be in attendance, there being seventeen in all.

            The visiting speakers are all authorities in the particular branch with which their name appears connected, and the opportunity of hearing them and seeing them work will be eagerly seized upon by the medical men of the district.  These doctors are as follows: Dr. D.S. MacKay, of Winnipeg, Gynaecology; Dr. B.J. Brandson, of Winnipeg, Orthopedic Surgery; and Dr. D. Nicholson, of Winnipeg, Laboratory Methods.

            Besides the visiting speakers there will also be present Dr. H.H. Murphy, of Kamloops, immediate past-president of the B.C.M.A., Mr. C.F. Fletcher, Executive Secretary, B.C.M.A., as well as one of the following: President J.H. MacDermot, Vancouver; President-elect Dr. H.E. Ridewood, Victoria; Vice-Pres., Dr. Wallace Wilson, Vancouver.

            Dr. Corsan, of Fernie, has been chosen as chairman of the meeting, and Dr. F.W. Green as convenor for the district.  It is proposed at this meeting to form a local Medical Society (branch of the B.C.M.A.) for East Kootenay.

            The meeting will be open only to the doctors and nurses.

            A similar meeting will be held in Nelson and Kamloops.

            Below is a list of the medical men in the East Kootenay district:

Workman, W.                                                  Coal Creek

Buckley, F.J.                                                   Michel

Young, Geo. F.                                               Michel

Asselstine, B.                                                  Fernie

Blair, J.H.                                                        Fernie

Corsan, Douglas                                              Fernie

Kelman, Geo. A.                                             Fernie

Kelman, G.A E..                                             Fernie

Green, F.W.                                                    Cranbrook

MacKinnon, G.E.L.                                        Cranbrook

Christie, H.A.                                                  Waldo

Hanington, D.P.                                              Kimberley

Davis, D.W.                                                    Kimberley

Tiffin, M.E.                                                     Kimberley

Henderson, G.R.                                             Creston

Coy, F.E.                                                         Invermere

Elliott, Robert                                                 Corbin

0050.0825: St. Eugene Meeting

Cranbrook and St. Eugene Hospital selected for important clinical meeting of medical men.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  September 23, 1926
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


meeting medical clinical hospital speakers doctor gynaecology orthopedic surgery laboratory nurse


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