Ode To Myrtle: 0050.0822


            Myrtle is dead in Cranbrook, and Cranbrook as we are most creditably informed, mourns for Myrtle.  We think this grief of Cranbrook’s is becoming to the only city in British Columbia which has had a real, live elephant wandering in its environs for the past six weeks.  And we know that Cranbrook’s sorrow for the death of Myrtle will be shared at least by all the boys and girls of British Columbia.  For lions and tigers are splendid, camels are fascinating, and wonderful are the ways of bears; but the chief glory of a circus is ever the elephants.

            Myrtle, so the despatches tell us, died of pneumonia.  But we think the despatches are mistaken.  Myrtle died of a broken heart.  She was lured by the deceptive promises of Cranbrook’s upland pastures.  She believed what we all believed, that far hills are the greener.  She escaped from the circus lot and the tan bark, and from the good hay and the water buckets carried by Cranbrook schoolboys; and she went a-roaming.

            And Myrtle found what many of us have found – but happily not yet the boys and girls who have had a great sympathy in her adventure – Myrtle found disillusionment.  Cranbrook pine needles were no substitute for the succulent bamboos and sugar canes that Myrtle hungered for; and the uplands of East Kootenay did not afford that shade and solitude for which Myrtle as an escaped captive of the distinguished family Elephas Maximus had wearied under the garish lights and the strident noises of the “big-top.”  The despatches say that Myrtle was re-captured, but it was not that.  Myrtle gave herself up, heartbroken; and since she could not find her Elysium in the wilds of Cranbrook, she has gone to look for it in the country where all good elephants go when they die.  Myrtle has escaped again. – Vancouver Province.

0050.0822: Ode To Myrtle

Newspaper excerpt Vancouver Province - escaped elephant Myrtle dies in the wilds surrounding Cranbrook.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  September 23, 1926
Pages:  9
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


dead grief elephant circus pneumonia


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