Cranbrook Ed Leaves: 0050.0819

CHARLIE-ED GOES TO ORANGE STATE – Wearing His New Name, Cranbrook Ed., Little Clown Elephant Leaves Sunday.

            None the worse for his six weeks roaming in the mountains, Cranbrook Ed., formerly Charlie Ed., clown elephant of the Sells-Floto circus, left here Sunday for Santa Rosa, California, to join the show.

            The little elephant was recaptured just in time to escape being caught in the storm that swept the country last week.  Charles Orville Stuart, assistant manager of the Sells-Floto shows and an experienced elephant man, stated before leaving that Cranbrook Ed. would not have survived the inclement weather in the open.  He counts himself fortunate that he and his men were successful in rounding up in the very nick of time an animal whose recent escapade has brought him into prominence as the stellar attraction of the big circus.  Cranbrook Ed. is one of the most widely advertised elephants in the world, Mr. Stuart has stated.

            The re-christening of the little elephant was celebrated in due form in the elephant tent of the Conklin and Garrett Midway shows on Saturday evening, the midway having played here at the annual fall fair – standing godfathers to Cranbrook Ed. were Spot Griffin, Charles “Frontdoor” Morgan, and Ralph Davis, the men who took part in the six weeks chase of the escaped elephants, Tillie, Myrtle and Charlie Ed.

            Mr. A.J. Ironsides, local agent of the circus, who personally managed the hunt throughout, and conducted Cranbrook Ed. to Spokane, has stated that the little elephant was given a public reception on his arrival in the inland empire city.  Every newspaper man in the city was on the qui viva for first hand stories of the ill-fated Myrtle and Cranbrook Ed., hundreds of cameras were snapped on the little clown elephant as he stood contentedly munching hay in the car chartered to carry him to California.

            Excluding the cost of the transportation of the runaway elephants from the scene of their getaway, and monetary loss occasioned by the death of Myrtle, the Sells-Floto people expended $20,000 in restoring the escaped pachyderms to the safety of the “big-top.”  Zack Terrill, general manager of the big show, has given out the above information while expressing his satisfaction of Mr. Ironside’s handling of the costly hunt.

            So far nothing has been done in the matter of disposing of the head of the dead Myrtle, which Mr. Ironsides had hauled to town this week.  In all probability, however, it will be donated to some public organization, preferably local or at least within the province.  An effort will be made to ascertain the cost of mounting the head, variously estimated at from $500 to $1000.

0050.0819: Cranbrook Ed Leaves

Circus officials state that the stampede and resulting death of one of their elephants cost them $20,000, but clown elephant leaves Cranbrook as a stellar attraction to the circus.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  September 23, 1926
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


clown elephant circus escape inclement weather stellar attraction fall fair


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