Tillie Captured: 0050.0802

ONE ELEPHANT CAUGHT SUNDAY – Tillie Finally Yields to Coaxing of Keepers – Others Still at Large

            Spotted by Indians and finally coaxed back into civilization by her keepers.  Tillie, one of the female elephants escaped from the Sells-Floto circus two weeks ago, was brought into the stockyards here on Sunday.  Contrary to general expectations, Tillie, though restless, exhibited no inclination to attack Dooley and Cheerful Gardiner, sent for by the circus management to assist in effecting her capture.  It is now believed that Charlie Ed and Myrtle will also submit when the circus men finally come up with them.

            Last reports are to the effect that Charlie Ed and Myrtle are ranging in the vicinity of the Finlayson ranch on the Gold Creek road.  Several people state their having sighted one or other of the animals in that locality.  Word may be forthcoming at any time that Charlie Ed and Myrtle are on their way to join Tillie in the stockyard corrals.

            Jack Terrill, general manager of the Sells-Floto circus, returned to Cranbrook from Seattle this week, and has taken charge of the hunt for the missing elephants, relieving J.A. Ironsides who has acted as agent of the circus during Mr. Terrill’s absence.

            Mr. Terrill is distinctly annoyed at the circulation of impossible stories in respect of the chase of the missing pachyderms.  One paper had it that one of the animals had been captured by a Kootenay squaw who had baited her giant captive with apples.  The Calgary Herald stated that the animals had been drugged prior to their leaving Edmonton, said drugging being attributed to spite work on the part of circus employees.  Neither story bears the slightest semblance to fact.  Nor is it true that the keepers of the elephants are cruel in the extreme in their handling of the animals.  As a matter of fact they dare not be.  Elephants, as is well known, respond to kindness rather than cruelty and are quick to resent ill treatment.  The memory of an elephant is proverbially long.

0050.0802: Tillie Captured

One of the three escaped elephants finally captured and back in temporary corral in Cranbrook.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 19, 1926
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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