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LOCAL TAXIDERMIST GETS FINE SPECIMEN – Believes Sheep Head Being Mounted Will Rank Third in Size Ever Taken.

            C.B. Garrett, Cranbrook taxidermist, is mounting what he believes is the third largest sheep head ever taken in this part of the country.  The head is that of a ram about fifteen years old, Mr. garrett would judge.  The horns measure sixteen and a half inches around the base and forty-seven inches around the curve.  The head weighs between sixty and seventy pounds, and is a magnificent specimen of the mountain sheep.

            The ram was killed about ten days ago by Mr. Garrett himself north of Bull River and east of the head of Tanglefoot creek.  He had known of this particular ram for three years, but was never able to get within shooting distance of him until this fall.  He killed him at a distance of about 150 yards.  The ram was alone, which is characteristic of these animals when they get old.  They leave the flock and go away by themselves.  Therefore Mr. Garrett’s advice is that if you are looking for good head specimens never follow the flock.

            The two record mountain sheep heads bagged in this district are owned by Dr. Beck, a dentist in Philadelphia.  The larger was killed by a guide at Banff in 1921, and the smaller one by an Indian at Michel in 1918.  The Philadelphia doctor procured the smaller one first which then held the record.  Then when the large one was killed he acquired it also.  Mr. Garrett, who is in position to know, is confident his specimen will easily hold third place.

0050.0696: Garrett

Cranbrook taxidermist mounts what he believes to be third largest sheep head ever taken in this part of the country.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  October 9, 1930
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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