East Kootenay District Meeting: 0050.0693

E. KOOTENAY FARMERS HOLD BIG SESSION. – Twelve of Fourteen Institutes Present. – Hold Busy Meetings Wednesday and Thursday. – Many Attend Banquet Wednesday Night.

            Welcomed by Mayor T.M. Roberts on behalf of the city of Cranbrook and by F.M. MacPherson, M.L.A. on behalf of the district, the annual district institute of the Farmers’ Institutes of East Kootenay settled down to business in the city hall council chambers at two o’clock Wednesday afternoon.  Angus L. Hay, president of the district institute, presided, with Mrs. T. Godfrey as secretary.  There are fourteen Farmers’ Institutes in the district and twelve of these had representation at the meeting.

The Delegates.

            The following is a list of the delegates and the places represented:-

            Ole Homes, Wardner; J. Barr, Jaffray; J. Lancaster, Invermere; R. DeLisle, district agriculturalist, Fernie; F.B. Young, Windermere (with R.G. Newton and H. Chester, ex-officio members); Eric Smith, Edgewater; J. Munro, Newgate; H.M. McClure, Cranbrook; S.J. Morrow, Baynes Lake; Wm. Weaver, Elk Valley; A. Wolfenden, Brisco; H. Welstead, McMurdo.

            Also in attendance were W.J. Bonavia, secretary of the department of agriculture for the province and superintendent of institutes; Paul Black, in charge of the artificial fertilizer branch, and A.B. Smith, Cranbrook, member of the advisory board of the Provincial Farmers’ Institutes.

            There was a vast amount of business on the agenda and this was launched into.  Several interesting papers were read, and addresses from the visiting officials were listened to with keen appreciation.  The meeting was also addressed by Dr. J.W. Rutledge, veterinary, dealing with important phases of the stockbreeding industry of the district.  From what can be gathered this was by far the most successful Farmers’ Institute meeting ever held in the district, from point of attendance and volume of business transacted.  A full report will appear in next week’s issue of the Courier.

Institute Dinner.

            Fifty-six persons sat down to the dinner in the evening served by a committee of the Ladies’ Aid of the United Church in the Knights of Pythias hall.  It was a sumptuous spread and well served.  There were quite a number of ladies, both wives of the delegates from the outside, and from the city.  There was also a good representation of Cranbrook business men.

            A convivial spirit pervaded the gathering, and besides the good sound logic expounded many witticisms fell from the different speakers’ lips.  There were stories told aplenty, the Scotch, Irish and Jews coming in for their share, and even that prosaic commodity, fertilizer, formed a basic ingredient for some clever bon mots.  President Hay was toastmaster and kept things moving along nicely.  Farmers are said to be long winded talkers, but these on Wednesday night certainly proved the exception.

            Short addresses were made by R.G. Newton, of the experimental farm at Windermere; W.J. Bonavia, secretary of the department of agriculture for the province and superintendent of Institutes; S.J. Morrow, representing Baynes lake; F.M. MacPherson, M.L.A.; Mayor Young of the Windermere Institute; R. DeLisle, district agriculturalist; Eric Smith, of the Edgewater Institute; Ole Homes, of the Wardner institute; J. Barr, of the Jaffray institute; A.B. Smith, of the advisory board, and F.J. Smyth, representing the press.

            Mrs. Angus Hay enlivened the gathering by telling a real good story on a Scotsman, and little Edna McPhee gave a couple of clever recitations.

            The convention held another meeting this morning and concluded its business.

0050.0693: East Kootenay District Meeting

Annual district institute of the Farmers' Institute of East Kootenay held meeting in Cranbrook with twelve of fourteen institutes present.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  October 9, 1930
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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