Rod & Gun Club Report: 0050.0641

RECOMMEND CHANGES IN GAME LAWS. – Rod and Gun Club Meet Well Attended. – D. Halcrow Elected President at Meeting Held Friday Night. – Report of Hatchery.

            Sportsmen from the city and district to the number of seventy-five assembled in the Knights of Pythias Hall Friday evening for the annual banquet and election of officers, which followed a spread of wild game, which included venison, duck and bear meat.  Good fellowship and enthusiasm characterized the meeting, which was one of the largest in the history of the association.  After doing justice to the spread the meeting got down to the business of the evening, the hearing of reports of officers for the past year and the election of officers for the ensuing year.

President’s Report.

            O.N. Jacobson, president for the past year, welcomed the members in one of his characteristic brief but happy speeches.  The club had accomplished many worth while undertakings during the past year, he stated.  The membership had reached the total of five hundred, this in face of the fact that Kimberley had organized with a membership of approximately two hundred.  One of the major undertakings of the club during the year was the securing of wild rice and planting same in the various lakes of the district, which should well reward the club for the investment of $200, spent on the project.  It was hoped that this somewhat novel innovation would attract wild ducks to the waters of East Kootenay.  Trap shooting was successfully carried out during the year, a permanent site being secured on the Cranbrook Amateur Athletic grounds on the old race course hill, which made an ideal location.  Bill Whiting was winner of the cup for the past year, which greatly improved his shooting, and should qualify him to seek larger fields.  The club also undertook to establish a retaining pond near the hatchery.  Kimberley organized itself into a club during the year with a live organization of some two hundred members.  The office of the Cranbrook District Rod and Gun Club took an active part in the formation of said club.

Secretary’s Report.

            The report of the secretary, Harry McLaughlan, detailing the work of his office, was read.  A vast amount of correspondence was handled during the year.

Treasurer’s Report.

            The report of J.W. Wilson, watchdog of the treasury, was read, showing a substantial balance of $560 in the bank, a fact which brought forth applause.

Hatchery Report.

            The very excellent report of E.T. Cooper, assistant at the hatchery, was read.  This will be found in full in another column.

            When all reports were presented and passed by the association, votes of thanks were extended to the officers and to James Sanderson, fish guardian, for their active work on behalf of the association.

            Community singing, led by Alan Graham at the piano and E. Bigattini on the piano accordion, enlivened proceedings before the election of officers.

New Officers.

            President Jacobson then declared all offices vacant, calling for nominations to fill the offices for the year 1931, which resulted as follows:

            Hon. President – Premier Tolmie.

            Hon. Vice-Presidents – Hon. H.H. Stevens and F.M. MacPherson, M.L.A.

            President  - D. Halcrow.

            Vice-President – William Whiting.

            Secretary – H.S. McLaughlan.

            Treasurer – J.W. Wilson.

            Executive – O.N. Jacobson, H. Collier, A. Graham, E. Attree, E.T. Cooper, F.Bridges, Dr. MacKinnon, William Steward, Harry McKowan and Art Hayden.

            District representatives – Harry McCoubrey, Yahk; W. Bateman, Moyie; Paul Klinestiver, Lumberton; Wm. Cox, Wycliffe; Charles Bird, Marysville; Geo. Thrasher, Bull River; W.A. Drayton, Fort Steele; Chas. Stevens and W. Sowerby, Wasa; D. Hopkins, Skookumchuck; Peter Woods, Cherry Creek; B. Luck and Chas. Edwards, Canal Flat; L. Fiesberg, Wardner.

Recommend Changes.

            Following the election of officers and a speech of appreciation by the newly elected president, the meeting was thrown open to hear recommendations.  The consensus of opinion was that the law should be so amended as to permit hunters taking one doe during the last fifteen days of the season.  The association also decided to recommend that the opening date of the fishing season be deferred to June 1st instead of May 1st, as at that time the fish were spawning.

0050.0641: Rod & Gun Club Report

Annual banquet and election of officers held during meeting of Cranbrooks Rod & Gun Club, with recommendation for improved hunting and fishing laws.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  November 27, 1930
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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