Ambulance Accident: 0050.0539

AUTOMOBILE COLLIDES WITH AMBULANCE – Both Cars Badly Damaged In Impact – Patient Brought to Cranbrook Hospital In Greyhound Bus – May Discard Ambulance.

            A collision Monday morning about 9:30 between an American car, owned by H. Miller, who was proceeding east to Lethbridge, and the St. Eugene hospital ambulance, carrying a patient to St. Eugene hospital, occurred on the Wardner road, about half a mile west of the Wardner hill.  The car driven by Mr. Miller sideswiped the ambulance, catching the rear wheel, tearing it from its base and cracking the main frame of the machine.  The Miller car received damage to the extent of about $50.00.

            J. Bertoia, driver of the ambulance, was bringing a patient, Jim Maystrik, to the hospital from Kennedy’s camp.  Nelson Maynard, a fellow worker, who was accompanying his friend to hospital, received a cut in the head as a result of the impact.

            The hospital ambulance has been in commission for the past eleven years.  This is the first accident Mr. Bertoia has experienced since driving the machine.

            The patient was transferred to the Greyhound bus line and brought to Cranbrook, where he is doing well.

            The damage to the ambulance will probably total around $400.00 and it is questionable if it will be again placed in service.

            Drivers of motor cars should remember that an ambulance, a doctor or a policeman has the right of way over all other vehicles.  It is customary when meeting an ambulance to give it a clear road.  The sick or injured man must be removed to hospital with all haste.  Delays sometimes of minutes, means death.


0050.0539: Ambulance Accident

Automobile collides with ambulance, patient was transferred to Greyhound bus line for rest of transport to hospital.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 17, 1931
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


automobile ambulance collides patient hospital greyhound bus collision accident


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