Kimberley Board Of Trade: 0050.0538


            The regular monthly meeting of the Kimberley Board of Trade was held in the old school house on Monday evening with a fair number of members present.  President F.W. Stewart was in the chair.  Secretary M.J. Halpin also was present.

            Letters were read from several government officials acknowledging the receipt of the motion of the board with regard to the hard surfacing of the southern trans-provincial highway.  These gentlemen all stated that they would do what they could in the matter.

            Considerable time was taken in discussing the relief situation for the coming winter.  The splendid response of the Kimberley people last year was highly spoken of and especially the work of Chief Constable R. Meadows, and Constable H. Cartmell, who saw to the equitable distribution of the various gifts that were turned in to him.  The people of Kimberley who may have any clothes or other donations this year are earnestly requested to get in touch with Chief Meadows at an early date for he will have a list of many names that will be very deserving of assistance.  The Rev. R. Cribb of the Untied Church was also at the meeting and very kindly offered any assistance that he could give in this matter.  He stated that he was holding a White Gift service shortly and that he hoped that he would then have at his disposal a number of toys and other articles that would help to brighten Christmas for some of the less fortunate.  Mr. H. Stafford of the Kimberley school was also giving all the assistance that he could.

`           The secretary was instructed to get in touch with the proper authorities with regard to having a sign of some sort placed at the top of the hill approaching Wycliffe from Cranbrook.  It was pointed out that there was a very dangerous turn here and any strangers might easily get into difficulties if they were going a little too fast.

0050.0538: Kimberley Board Of Trade

Regular monthly meeting of Kimberley Board of Trade, touching on the subject of paving the southern trans-provincial highway and starting to prepare for relief and donations to Kimberleys unemployed.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 10, 1931
Pages:  1
Publisher:  The Kimberley Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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