Cranbrook Autoists: 0050.0516


            Mrs. W. J. Laurie of Cranbrook is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Smith of Fruitvale for a few days.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Laurie and Harry Smith motored to Trail yesterday. – Trail Times.




            While Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Clark and son Harland were returning from the coast last Friday they witnessed a peculiar accident to a car just ahead of them on the road about five miles west of Moyie.  Two large boulders rolled down the hill, striking the car, and doing considerable damage to the body and fenders, but fortunately not injuring the occupants.  The damaged car was towed to Moyie, where temporary repairs were made and allowing the occupants to continue their journey.




            We, Wheeler Motors, Canal Flats, hereby give notice that on October 3rd, 1931, we are selling by auction one only 1926 Chevrolet Touring Car owned by Mr. Neil Gainey, of Canal Flat, to defray debt amounting to $58.08, including costs of advertising.  Auction will be held at the side of the Queen’s Hotel, Canal Flat.



LOSES LEFT ARM IN MOTOR ACCIDENT – Brother-in- Law of J.M. Clark Frightfully Mangled In Smash Near Cloverdale.

            Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Clark and son Harland, who accompanied Mrs. H. Grieve to Cloverdale, and Miss Jean Warren to Vancouver, where she is attending normal school, returned to the city Friday.  During their stay at Cloverdale Mr. Grieve suffered the loss of his left arm, when he was repairing the rollers on a hydraulic dump on a heavy truck.  It took about an hour to extricate the man from his perilous position, the arm being ground into pulp.  Following his removal to the Vancouver general hospital, it was found necessary to amputate the arm just below the shoulder.  When Mr. and Mrs. Clark left the coast he was reported progressing favorably.

0050.0516: Cranbrook Autoists

Comings and goings of East Kootenay residents in automobiles, including witnessing boulders smashing into car after rolling down a hill near Moyie.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  September 24, 1931
Pages:  10
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


motored boulders accident auction hospital amputate


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