Italian Spending: 0050.0507


            In illustration of the different ways in which foreigners regard money, a story is told about a gang of Swedes who were employed on the construction of the Temiskaming railway.  After laboring faithfully for some months they thought last fall it was time to celebrate.  They went to a near-by town, but it was too small.  They straightaway went to North Bay, chartered a Pullman car and went to Montreal, where they remained as long as the cash lasted.  Then they returned to work.  On the other hand, other nationalities – the Italians for instance – carefully retain their money until they have enough to go home on or for some other purpose.

0050.0507: Italian Spending

Illustration of different ways in which foreigners regard money, comparing a gang of Swedes and Italians.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 18, 1904
Pages:  1
Publisher:  The Nelson Economist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


foreigners money construction railway swedes italians


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