Chinese Discrimination: 0050.0447


            At Revelstoke the other day a committee was appointed to draft an agreement which would not rid the community of the fellows with the cues, and here is the result of their labors:

            “Having become awakened to the fact that the presence of the Chinese in our midst is inimical to our economic interests and has a debasing and degrading effect upon ourselves and our fellows, we solemnly pledge ourselves before God and our fellow citizens, that we will hereafter have no dealings whatever with them – neither to buy from them, sell to them, nor employ them, and will use every lawful means in our power to induce others to do the same.”

            The Revelstoke people evidently mean business, and if other communities would adopt a similar resolution and would live up to it, the Chinese would soon disappear, the white man and woman would have a better opportunity of making an honest living, and the country generally would be improved.  Although the strike on the Fraser River has been a victory for the Japs and Chinamen, throwing some hundreds of whitemen out of employment at the canneries, the trouble is by no means over.  The nets of the fishermen employed are being maliciously cut and destroyed.  Of course the Orientals blame the Occidentals for this, but the whitemen indignantly deny the charge, and in proof of their case are offering $50 for the arrest of the guilty parties, and avow that if this fails they will petition the government to put a patrol tug on the Gulf of Georgia.  It looks as if the Japs and Chinamen are putting up a job.


0050.0447: Chinese Discrimination

Revelstoke community makes a resolution to have no dealings with the Chinese in their midst - neither to buy from them, sell to them nor employ them.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 22, 1900
Pages:  8
Publisher:  The Nelson Economist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


committee agreement community chinese strike japs fishermen


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