Japanese Immigration: 0050.0446

            It is officially announced that the Japanese Government has forbidden the emigration of any more of its subjects to this country.  This action was induced by a protest from the Dominion authorities that the little brownies were pouring into British Columbia in such numbers as to threaten to inundate it.  What a pity this protest was not made a few years ago, and thus save the residents of this country from unwholesome competition and from being forced to tolerate the presence of a very objectionable people in their midst.  If we could now put a stop to Chinese immigration yet another good point would be gained.

0050.0446: Japanese Immigration

Japanese government forbids the emigration of any more of its subjects to Canada.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 8, 1900
Pages:  5
Publisher:  The Nelson Economist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


japanese government emigration chinese immigration


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