Chinese Discrimination: 0050.0440

            At a recent meeting at Nanaimo, Mr. James Dunsmuir, of the Wellington Colliery Company, said he was prepared to discharge all the Chinese in his mines and replace them with white men.  Some were inclined to doubt the sincerity of Mr. Dunsmuir’s promise, but, as will be seen, by referring to our advertising columns, Mr. Dunsmuir is as good as his word, and has already advertised for white miners to take the places of the Orientals.  Mr. Dunsmuir, to our mind, has struck the key to the Chinese immigration question.  If all employers of Chinese labor will now follow Mr. Dunsmuir’s patriotic example, the Chinese problem will be solved and there will be no further need to “enact and reenact anti-Chinese legislation.”  THE ECONOMIST has held strong views on the subject, and it feels it is only doing the right thing in congratulating Mr. Dunsmuir on his latest resolution.  It is the most decisive blow yet struck at oriental labor.

0050.0440: Chinese Discrimination

Newspaper article Mr. Dunsmuir of Wellington Colliery Company advertising for white miners to take place of the orientals discharged from the mines.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  May 30, 1900
Pages:  1, 2
Publisher:  The Nelson Economist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


meeting chinese mines advertising orientals immigration


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