Owner Avarice: 0050.0434

            Appropriating the words of the daily reports of Lord Roberts from South Africa, the mining situation may be said to be unchanged.  The statement that an alien mine-owner was importing alien labour so that he could more rapidly absorb the mineral wealth of Canada has not been denied, and we therefore take it for granted that such is the case.  In such event, the most decisive blow yet administered to the well-being and prosperity of British Columbia has been delivered.  We have no desire to play the role of alarmist, but the conclusion is forced upon us that with a large alien population, lacking in the common interest and aspiration of the Canadian we will soon witness a repetition of the foul crimes that have made the State of Pennsylvania shunned by all law-abiding citizens.  Worse than all, the law seems powerless to check the avarice of men of this character.

0050.0434: Owner Avarice

Reports of alien mine-owner importing alien labour so he can more rapidly absorb the mineral wealth in Canada has not been denied.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  February 7, 1900
Pages:  4
Publisher:  The Nelson Economist
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


mining alien owner labour mineral wealth


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