Soldier Rehab: 0050.0399


            That there is no such word as “impossible” in his dictionary.

            That his natural ambition to earn a good living can be fulfilled.

            That he can either get rid of his disability or acquire a new ability to offset it.

            That the whole object of doctors, nurses and instructors, is to help him in doing that very thing.

            That he must help them to help him.

            That he will have the most careful and effectual treatment known to science.

            That interesting and useful occupations form a most valuable part of the treatment in Convalescent Hospitals and Sanatoria.

            That if he cannot carry out his first duty by rejoining his comrades at the front, and if there is no light duty for him with the Canadian forces overseas he is taken home to Canada, as soon as his condition and the shipping facilities make this possible.

            That his strength and earning capacity will be restored there to the highest degree possible, through the Military Hospitals Commission.

            That if he requires an artificial limb or kindred appliance it will be supplied free.

            That every man disabled by service will receive a pension or gratuity in proportion to his disability.

            That his pension cannot be reduced by his undertaking work or perfecting himself in some form of industry.

            That his pay and allowances continue till he is cured or till his pension begins.

            That an extra three months’ pay and separation allowance when there are dependents receiving such allowance, will be paid to all men returned from overseas and honorably discharged after at least six months’ service – with certain exceptions, such as members of the Permanent Force and Federal or Provincial Civil Service who can step right back into their old positions,

            That if his disability prevents him from returning to his old work he will receive free training for a new occupation.

            That full consideration is given to his own capacity and desires when a new occupation has to be chosen.

            That his own will-power and determination will enable him to succeed, both in the training and in the occupation afterwards.

            That his maintenance and that of his family will be paid for during the training he may receive after discharge, and for a month longer.

            That neither his treatment nor his training will cost him a cent.

            That his home Province has a special Commission to assist him in finding employment on discharge.

            That hundreds of towns and villages have committees, associations, and clubs to welcome him on arrival, and to help in securing a position for him.

            That the Dominion and Provincial Governments, the Municipal authorities, and all sorts of employers, give the returned soldier preference in filling vacant positions.

            That the returned soldier wishing to take up land and farm it, will be helped to do so under Federal and other settlement schemes.

            That the Military Hospitals Commission exists to carry out his restoration and training in Canada.

            That the Board of Pension Commissioners exists to distribute the pensions provided by his country for him and his dependents.

            That the Military Hospitals Commission and the Board of Pension Commissioners are in the position of Trustees, appointed for his benefit, and representing the whole people of Canada.

            That, therefore, he should write direct to the Commission or the Board if he needs advice or help.

            Canadians are unanimously resolved that every returned soldier shall have a full opportunity to succeed.  When that opportunity is put within his reach, his success will depend on his own good sense in seizing and using it.

            Military Hospitals Commission, 22 Victoria St., Ottawa.

            Board of Pension Commissioners, Union Bank Bldg,., Ottawa.

0050.0399: Soldier Rehab

Listing what every disabled soldier should know.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 23, 1917
Pages:  2
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


disabled soldier doctor nurse hospital sanatoria military pension


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