Knox Church Entertainment: 0050.0392

A Christmas entertainment was given by the Presbyterian Sunday School in Knox Church on Thursday evening last, when the Church was well filled with an appreciative audience.

            Each and every item on the programme was well received and all were so good that it is difficult to pick out any item for special mention.  The action songs and drills by the various classes, whether beginners, primary, intermediate or seniors, were suitably chosen and capably performed, and great credit is due not only to the pupils but also to their instructors.

            The first part of the programme was as follows:

            Piano and violin selection, Misses Helen Worden and Wanda Fink; song, “Joy to the World,” the School; recitation, “Next July,” Robert Beaton; song, “Grandpapa and I,” Ronald Moffatt; recitation and drill, “Upside Down,” classes of Misses Reekie and Fink; duet, “Reuben and Rachael,” Hope Taylor and Paul McNeil; song, by the beginners and primary classes; recitation, “Christmas in Camp,” Donald Dallas; song, classes of Mrs. Balment, Mrs. Surtees and Miss Higgins; duet, Miss Fallows and Miss Magee; flag drill, classes of Miss Noble and Mr. Pow; Indian club drill, Mr. Wright’s class; drill, “Which Way,” Mrs. MacKinnon’s class; speech, by the Rev. H. Wright; scarf drill, by classes of Miss Noble and Mr. Pow; accompanists, Mesdames S. Ryckman and Walker, Misses Irene Beech, Helen Worden and Wanda Fink.

            The second part of the programme consisted of a well-arranged patriotic cantata entitled “The Making of Canada’s Flag.”  The costumes and settings were very attractive, solos and choruses were rendered in excellent style and the performance was excellent.

            Brittania was represented by Mrs. J. Thomson, England Miss Elsie Beattie, Scotland Miss Agnes Reekie, Ireland Miss Francis Noble, Canada Miss Irene Beech, Spirit of Long ago Miss M. MacKinnon, Laura Secord Miss M. Simpson, Reader Miss Irma Ward, Pages Jack  Stephens, Paul McNeil, Veterans Eric MacKinnon, Jack Dow, Cadets Jack Moffatt, Robert Beatton, Reeve Parker, Frank Roberts, Francis Pow, James Logan, Flag Girls Hope Taylor, Marion Henderson, Soloists Mrs. J. Thomson, Miss Magee, Messrs. J. Palmer, I. Hanna, W. Wortman and R.B. Forsyth; Pianist Miss Wanda Fink.

0050.0392: Knox Church Entertainment

Describing Christmas entertainment given by the Cranbrook Presbyterian Sunday School in Knox Church.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 27, 1917
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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