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            The annual meeting of the Cranbrook Farmers’ Institute was held on Saturday afternoon last at the City Hall.

            Intending members for the ensuing year may be interested to learn that the payment of $1.00 annual subscription to the Association also entitles them to receive free of charge, the Agricultural Journal, a periodical published monthly by the Provincial Department of Agriculture and which contains a large amount of useful reading matter.

            President McPhee in presenting his report, dealt with some advances that have been made during the past year.

            Nine members have purchased stumping powder through the Institute and in consequence have effected a saving of nearly $200.00

            The Institute has purchased a stump-puller, which members can use, at small cost, thus effecting a considerable saving in cost of clearing.

            A well-drilling outfit has also been secured, and in connection with this item the President acknowledged the efforts of Mr. R.E. Beattie.

            These results have been obtained by persistent effort and co-operation, and the President impressed upon the meeting that by continued effort and a full measure of co-operation beneficial results will accrue to all the members of the Institute.  To speak of only one proposition, it is hoped that next spring it may be possible to make headway with the question of a flour mill.

            On motion by O.E. Foote, seconded by Clarke Wallace, it was resolved that in the absence of the Auditor’s report, which is needed before the Secretary can present his report complete, the report of the Secretary be held over until the next meeting.

            A very hearty vote of thanks was tendered to Father Lambot and Mr. J.F. Hutchcroft, on motion of C.S. Fleming, seconded by A.B. Smith, for the work they have done and are still doing in connection with the potato situation in this district.  The gentlemen named prepared an excellent paper (which was re-printed in our issue of October 4th) dealing with the situation on general and having particular defence to marketing possibilities.  As a result it is hoped that wider markets will be available for the local product by next season.  The paper referred to will in all probability be printed, so that all interested in the subject can reap the benefits to be derived from the investigation.

            On motion of H. White, seconded by Father Lambot, a nominating committee of three was appointed in order that each section of the district might be represented on the board.

            After a short recess the committee brought in the following recommendations:

            C.S. Fleming and Norman McClure, St. Mary’s Prairie; P. Woods, northern end of the district; Father Lambot, St. Eugene Mission; O.E. Foote, and Clarke Wallace, between St. Marys river and Cranbrook; J.H. Hayes, Westport and eastern confines of the district; E.H. McPhee, C.M. Ormston and A.B. Smith, immediate vicinity of Cranbrook.

            On motion of H. White, seconded by J.F. Hutchcroft, the gentlemen named were declared elected.

            The directors then elected the following officers:

            E.H. McPhee, President; P. Woods, Vice-President; A.B. Smith, Secretary.

            A resolution moved by J.F. Hutchcroft, seconded by J. Wallace, resulted in a committee being appointed to look into the question of co-operative buying in the interests of the members.  A proposal to purchase gopher poison to the value of $200.00 and also the securing of seed grain were matters referred to this committee, which comprises J. Wallace, O.E. Foote, J.H. Hayes, J.F. Hutchcroft, the President and Secretary.

            The question of forming sub-committees under the presidency of the directors in the various districts, was discussed, the object being to keep the members of the Institute in the closest possible touch with one another.

            Another proposition that was warmly received was that arrangements be made for a Farmer’s Institute Picnic next summer, under the auspices of all the Institutes in the district.

            The Secretary reported that he had received $4.50 in subscriptions from members towards the Relief Fund for farmers in France and Belgium.  This with the allotment of  10 cents per member from the treasury, makes Cranbrook’s contribution about $10.00 to the present.  It is hoped that further subscriptions will be received in the near future.  The Fort Steele Institution has set us a splendid example, having raised in various ways about $65.00 for the Fund, which is one that should appeal to all engaged in agricultural pursuits.

            The prizes won at this year’s crop competitions were presented at the close of the meeting.

0050.0380: Farmers' Institute

Annual meeting of Cranbrook Farmers' Institute elected directors and officers for coming year.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 20, 1917
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


annual meeting farmers institute members subscription agricultural journal association stumping potatoe elected


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