Board of Trade: 0050.0327

SPECIAL MEETING OF BOARD OF TRADE – Many matters of Importance Discussed

(Crowded out of last week’s issue)

            The Special General Meeting of the Board of Trade, held in the Council Chamber, City Hall, Tuesday evening of last week for the purpose of hearing new ideas, was well attended and proved decidedly interesting to those present.  New ideas were broached, discussed and passed upon and, when carried out, should prove of great benefit to the City and District generally.

            After the reading and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting the secretary reported on the present standing of the Flour Mill Proposition.  The Committee appointed to look after this matter, had gone carefully into conditions in the vicinity and decided to recommend that nothing be done in this connection until the spring of next year when the proposition should be gone ahead with energetically and as conditions would indicate, successfully.

            Letters were read from F.W. Sterling, of the C.P.R. re grain rates, E.L. Newcome, Deputy Minister of Justice, B.G. Hamilton, Secretary of the Windermere District Board of Trade, G.D. Brown, re the forming of an Athletic Association and the use of the Young Men’s Club Building, and from the Creston Board of Trade extending an invitation for representation at the Reclamation Congress and Banquet to be held in Creston on the 28th and 29th inst.

            After business arising out of these communications had been disposed of the meeting was thrown open to airing of new ideas.

            The Rev. Mr. Keyworth suggested that we try to induce Mr. James W. Gerard, late ambassador to Germany from the United States, to include Cranbrook in his itinerary of this Province.  The Secretary was given instructions to get into touch with Mr. Gerard by telegraph to this end.

            On Mr. Wilson’s suggestion a committee was appointed to draft and forward a resolution to the Boards of Trade of Vancouver and Victoria supporting them in their application to the Provincial Government to have the Rule of the Road changed to conform with the other Provinces and to those in force on the other side of the International Boundary.

            The matter of the Tourist Traffic through British Columbia during the past year and the certainty of a still greater traffic during the next few years was introduced by the Secretary.  As the old lanes for this traffic, in Europe, will be closed for some years it will naturally turn to the scenic parts of Canada and the Western States.  We, in this district, are so familiar with the many beauty spots and scenes of rugged grandeur that we scarcely realize the appeal they would have to the tourist looking for just such effects, if properly placed before him.  To this end it was decided to apply to the City to arrange for Parking Space for cars remaining in the city over night.  The Board also appointed a committee to secure cuts of the many beauty spots in the vicinity in order to have reprints made from them to be used by the merchants, associations and people generally as enclosures in their letters.  This ought to prove a cheap and effective way of advertising, and should secure results in bringing a class of people into the country who will, in turn, advertise its resources, climate and scenery.

            In connection with this idea and in order to facilitate its carrying out a committee was appointed to draft a resolution and submit it to the Hon. Dr. King, Minister of Public Works, urging the early completion of the National Highway through this District.

0050.0327: Board of Trade

Board of Trade held special meeting discussing important matters including dealing with tourist traffic, and forming athletic association.

Medium:  Manuscript - Text
Date:  September 27, 1917
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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