Sullivan Mine: 0050.0311

IT COMES TO CRANBROOK – The Great Strike on the Sullivan Group of Mines. – Will Make It Equal To North Star – The Railroad Will Make Both of These Mines Tributary to Cranbrook.

            The officers of the Sullivan Group Mining company have had four assays made of ore taken from the recent strike, says the Spokesman-Review of August 4.  These gave values per ton of $53, $41, $54 and $87, or an average of $59 per ton.  The owners are elated over the recent discovery and the high grade of the ore.

            “We calculate that even by shipping the ore to American smelters and paying the duty on lead we can make a profit from $40 ore,” said Senator Turner.  “Fifty dollar ore will return a fine profit, and if the new ore body goes down and carries the present width and values, there is every reason to believe that the Sullivan group will make one of the greatest mines of the northwest.  The showing is far better than that we had on the Le Roi with like development.”

            “It is a remarkable strike,” said Chas. H. Wolf, one of the directors of the company, yesterday.  “We have stripped the ledge and proved that it is at least 50 feet wide.  The superintendent thinks he has found both walls.  Of this 60 feet, 30 feet is clean galena ore like the samples sent out, and the remaining 30 feet is a mixture of galena, carbonates and iron.  The new shaft is down 20 feet in solid ore.”

            Manager F.P. Hogan has submitted a report in which he says: “I found a party of engineers engaged in surveying a route from Cranbrook to the North Star mine.  Cranbrook is on the main line of the Crow’s Nest Pass railway, about 16 miles distant from the North Star and Sullivan Group mines.  Mr. Richardson, engineer in charge, and in the employ of the Canadian Pacific railway, informed me that his business was to survey a practical route for a railway between the aforesaid points.  Others who pretended to have authentic information, said the branch railway to the North Star would be constructed this fall.”

0050.0311: Sullivan Mine

Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 18, 1898
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


officers mining assays ore strike smelters duty lead surveying railway


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