Wardner Notes: 0050.0297

WARDNER – Abbreviated Record of the Week’s News.


            Last Friday the last commission appointed by the Dominion government to investigate the death of the two men who died of diphtheria while employed on the Crow’s Nest line, in connection with which there are charges of neglect and inhuman treatment, arrived in Wardner.  The purpose of the commission is to place the responsibility, and the exaggerated reports of the condition of matters along the line of this road has made the demand for action very strong.  R.C. Clute, Q.C., of Toronto, is the commission appointed, and with him are L.J. Burppe, of Ottawa, J.W. Wetmore, of St. John, N.B., solicitor for the C.P.R., and Mr. McCarty, of Macleod, stenographer.  The commission held a sitting of several days in Wardner, and left for Nelson and Banff.



            Jas. Ray, Dominion engineer, was in Wardner last Wednesday evening to make a brief examination of the river at this point, with a view of reporting on the best location for the wagon bridge to be built by the government.  The location decided upon was at the foot of Daly avenue.



            The news that the appropriation made by the Dominion government for improving the Kootenay river, would probably be expended between Wardner and Fort Steele, so as to give the mines and Fort Steele the advantage of better water, to maintain connection with Wardner, the railroad point, was received here with considerable pleasure.  This fact demonstrates the advantage of a town that is located on the railroad and river.



            H.L. Stephens visited Cranbrook Sunday.

            William Doble, of Fort Steele, was a Wardner visitor Sunday.

            Milo Monroe has sold his roadhouse and will go to West Kootenay.

            Messrs. Leitch and Beattie, of Cranbrook, were visitors here Monday.

            Palmer & Oliver, the Wardner stationers, will open a branch at Cranbrook.

            News was received here Saturday that George Lyon, who was taken to Fort Steele last week in a very bad condition, had died that afternoon.  Mr. Lyon was employed on the road in different capacities, but his failing finally conquered him.

            Messrs. Smith and Sage have commenced work on the new school house.  It will be a commodious structure and a credit to the town.

            William Eschwig of the Kootenay house, is building an hotel at Kimberley.

            R.L.T. Galbraith, the sage of Fort Steele, surprised his friends in Wardner last week by appearing on the boat from the south with a fine looking young bride.

            Hugh Stephens and Martin Crahan expect to join Tom Crahan in a trip to the Klondike this month.  Mr. Stephens started Tuesday and will meet Mr. Crahan at Victoria, and if all is well, Martin Crahan will start after them.  They expect to take in a special line of goods for sale at Dawson City.

            It seems strange at first not to have a newspaper in Wardner, but for the present your correspondent at this point will endeavor to look after the interests of this place.  The material of The International office has been packed and stored, waiting for the time to come when it can be put to good use.

            S.E. Oliver, the Wardner postmaster, left last Monday for Calgary, where he will meet Miss N.E. Perkins, daughter of Captain J.D. Perkins, of Fredericktown, N.B., and be married at the Episcopal church there on Wednesday, August 17.  Mr. and Mrs. Oliver will return at once to Wardner and commence housekeeping in the home prepared for them.



            Mr. Kennedy, who has been assisting in the work at the Wardner storehouse, has returned to Macleod.

            Conductor Templeman is taking a few days’ lay off, and in company with his wife, is visiting various points of interest in East Kootenay.

            Paymaster Barhardt has returned to Wardner, and brings the information that hereafter Wardner will be his headquarters until construction is completed.

            Dr. King came in from the east Saturday and was kept busy during his brief stay in Wardner.  The principal prescription these days is blackberry and brandy.

            D. Macleod, one of the leading contractors on the road, left this week for Nelson.  Mr. Macleod made a host of friends in Wardner and he will be missed by all of them.

            The engineers in charge of the work on the bridge over the Kootenay river at this point say that the structure will be ready for trains to pass over by next Friday.  The track laying gang will commence work immediately after that and within 10 to 12 days the cars will be running into Cranbrook.

0050.0297: Wardner Notes

Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Wardner, as well as another commission of inquiry over two deaths by diptheria with allegations of neglect and inhuman treatment.

Medium:  Manuscript - Text
Date:  August 11, 1898
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


commission of inquiry diptheria engineer wagon bridge railroad roadhouse stationers school house hotel newspaper postmaster storehouse paymaster


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