Cranbrook Notes: 0050.0293

ABOUT PEOPLE – Living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Whom We All Know or Should.

            C.J. Campbell, of Wardner, was a visitor this week.

            Contractor Wellman was down from Swansea Saturday.

            Engineer Garden was a visitor to the “Beautiful” yesterday.

            V. Liddecoat recently arrived from Ontario and will abide here.

            Joe Laidlaw made a trip over to the North Star mines this week.

            Contractor Campbell and wife are sojourning at the Commercial.

            Thomas Kennedy, the merchant was a visitor to Fort Steele Tuesday.

            Col. Henderson, the genial, was the guest of V. Hyde Baker Wednesday.

            W.R. Stewart, of McLeod, a well-known cattleman, was in town a few days ago.

            Contractor Campbell, wife and children are sojourning at the Commercial these days.

            F.A. McHugh, a well-known contractor, was in circulation around town during the week.

            George K. Leeson, of the bridge contracting firm Leeson & McGilvary, was in town Saturday.

            I. Isbester, from Ottawa, of the firm of Isbester & Grant, railroad contractors, was a Cranbrook visitor recently.

            William Carlin, the heavy-weight merchant of Fort Steele, was in town again recently.  He will soon join the business men’s procession Cranbrookward.

            R.B. Dixon, of Egan & Co., contractors, arrived in town Tuesday, en route to the camp west of town.  Mr. Dixon says their work will be finished up in a few days.

            William Eschwig, of the Kootenay House, Wardner, was in town Monday; he came with the intention of building a hotel if he could find a suitable location.

            Fred Smythe, the enterprising editor of the Moyie Leader, was in town Saturday and Sunday.  Fred thinks both Cranbrook and Moyie are strictly in the swim.

            Gold Commissioner Armstrong was a visitor to Cranbrook Saturday.  The rapid growth of southeast Kootenay keeps the commissioner on the road much of the time.

            R.E. Beattie, dispenser of castor oil, Epsom salts and other sweetmeats too numerous to mention, drove down to Wardner Sunday evening, returning Monday.

            S. McCrimmon, one of the pleasantest and highly esteemed of many gentlemen who had contracts on the C.N.P.R., departed for his home in Calgary yesterday.

            G.R. Leask, wife and child, arrived Sunday from Ontario, and had not been in town 24 hours before he had purchased a lot and commenced the erection of a substantial cottage home.

            George Lietch departed Sunday night for Coal Creek; he will be engaged there for about 30 days in assisting in setting up the machinery in the mammoth sawmill at that point and getting it running.

            Judge Fraser, of Moyie, was a Cranbrook visitor Tuesday.  The judge is about to make a visit to his old home in Illinois as a result of a sale of an interest in the Fraser group of mines four miles south of Cranbrook.

            T.W. Leask, of Gore Bay, Ontario, arrived here on Sunday, last; Mr. Leask is a sash, door and blind manufacturer, and he was a visitor here in May last; if he finds the timber supply satisfactory he will move his plant here; Cranbrook attractions are irresistible.

            Messrs. W.C.J. Wakefield and J.C. Forster of the Fort Steele Mercantile Company, residing at Spokane, accompanied by Manager Theiss of the same company, were in town Tuesday, afterward proceeding to Moyie City, where they are largely interested in fishing.

            Hugh Stephens, of Stephens & Crahan, proprietors of the Wardner hotel, was in town Sunday; Mr. Stephens has a boundless amount of faith in the future of Wardner, but being an American western man, the railroad having reached him he will tru to find some place where there is none.

            Miss Jennie Burge, of Kalispell, is visiting her father, Oliver Burge, of the East Kootenay hotel.  Since her arrival Oliver has stretched about three inches longer, wears a necktie and a haughty air, and hardly looks at his old acquaintances.  Algernon Scott says Oliver tried to borrow his celluloid porcelain plated collar, but he did not believe in encouraging vanity, besides, he wanted to wear it now himself.

0050.0293: Cranbrook Notes

Comings and goings of Cranbrook residents and visitors.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 11, 1898
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


contractor engineer merchant gold commissioner judge


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