Cranbrook Notes: 0050.0291

LITTLE HAPPENSTANCES – That Have Occurred During the Week Past, or Will Take Place Later.

            Ninety-six and 98 in the shade.  Whew!

            Mountain fires, apparently, are raging to the south and east, as the smoke coming from that direction is getting to be quite dense.

            Drunks and disorderlies, more especially the latter, are not nearly so numerous as might be expected, whether it is owing to the quality of Cranbrook inspiration extracts, or the length of the festive laborer’s pocketbook.

            Through misinformation Contractor Campbell’s family was accredited last week to Mr. McCrimmon, and the latter has received considerable joshing about it, as well as giving it back.  Mr. Campbell still retains his family.

            The little shack was big enough for a jail, and Commissioner Armstrong thought he had it corralled for jail purposes, but Mr. Little changed his mind as to the amount of rent the province should pay for it, and the deal is off.  Later: The advance has been accepted.

            Quite an aggregation of buildings – half a dozen or more – are being erected in the southwest corner of town, and have about the same architectural appearance, although the inmates are constructed after all sorts of modes, varying in color from white and yellow to black.  The structures, like the inmates, are frail.

            They are telling a good one on Bridge Contractor McGilvary.  At Swansea, so the story runs, there is quite an attractive young “hello girl.”  Now, young ladies of all kinds are somewhat few and far between in South East Kootenay, and Mc., being of an investigating turn of mind, resolved to find out for himself; accordingly he went to the central office at Swansea, and said he wanted to send a message to Contractor Wellman, at Fort Steele.  The young lady tried to tell him that Contractor Wellman was in his camp, but a short distance away; however, he would not listen to her, sat down and wrote what purported to be a message – but they say an expert chirographer could not decipher it – threw down a dollar, and with a last fond look and no change departed.

0050.0291: Cranbrook Notes

Noting ongoing constuction in Cranbrook and the heat wave it is experiencing, with mountain fires to go along with it.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 11, 1898
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


mountain fires smoke drunks disorderlies jail chirographer


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