Police Court: 0050.0251

IN THE JUSTICE COURT – A Grist of Drunks, Disorderlies and Other Offenders Against the Law.

            On the 20th of July J. Puddistal partook of too much concentrated hilarity and was run up the elevator into the parlors of the bastile.  As he had not been viciously demonstrative he was allowed to escape with 12 hour’s imprisonment.

            On the 27th H. Forin, who was accused of rolling a drunken man and abstracting $4 from his jeans, was tried before Commissioner Armstrong, that officer coming out from Fort Steele for the purpose, the case being outside the jurisdiction of Justice Hutchison’s court.  Forin is a timekeeper for the C.P.R. company, and imbibed too much of the oh be joyful while in town, and took the sum named from an intoxicated companion for fear someone else might, and spent it himself while so gloriously enthusiastic as to be unaware of the error he was committing.  The law could not condone the offense on these grounds, however, and he was given two weeks in jail.  Afterward he was released by order of the gold commissioner upon responsible bonds being furnished, the exact object of which the reporter could not ascertain.  The popular opinion, however, was that the young man should be dealt with leniently, as he was rather the victim of circumstances and conditions, instead of being a willful criminal.

            On the 28th Michael Tremblrx was drunk and disorderly and having a high old time generally.  He was arrested and brought before Justice Hutchison; the man with the unpronounceable name anted $3 and the attendant penalty and the judge raked in the pot and told Mike to draw out of the game and make no more bad breaks.

            Leonard Cratch, an Italian railroad laborer, got tangled up in a jack-pot with some of his countrymen in in of the camps and was brought to town.  Like most of his comrades, he was the possessor of a murderous-looking knife, but in this instance had not made use of it; on being arrested he broke the blade in three pieces.  He was brought before the court and was forgiven upon paying $5 to the government and defraying the expenses of the case.

            A recent arrest, made in the town by an officer who is stationed along the line – outside of Cranbrook – engendered considerable criticism among all classes of citizens in this place.  One William Amrod was arrested by the officer in question and confined over night, on a charge of drunkenness.  When the case came before the justice in the morning it was so apparent that the arrest was entirely unwarranted that the court discharged the prisoner.  Wanting to “throw it into” somebody, apparently, the officer then arrested a young man known as “Scotty,” upon the charge of interfering with an officer in the discharge of his duties.  The hearing was had before Captain Saunders, inspector of mounted police, who dismissed the prisoner.  It is alleged that if the constable himself had been arrested on the same charge it could have been sustained by ample evidence.  It was gratifying to the public to see that there is protection from overzealous officials.

0050.0251: Police Court

Trials of drunks, disorderlies and other offenders agains the law.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 4, 1898
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


justice court imprisonment officer commissioner drunk and disorderly judge railroad


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