Valemount Junior Secondary Grade 7 Class Photo: 0119.0011

Valemount Junior Secondary Grade 7 Class Photo


0119.0011: Valemount Junior Secondary Grade 7 Class Photo

Valemount Elementary/Junior Secondary School 1970/71 Grade 7 class photo. Back to Front: Ben DiPacito, Carman-Ann Duncan, Melvin Smith, Norman McKirdy, Floyd Meersman, Susan Kettle, Carol Olson, Nita Tinsley Paul Halcrow, Mike Halcrow, Unknown, Doug Bain, Jerry Desjarlais Brad Anderson, Harvey Rose, Grant Towers, Don Venance, Kerry Tamboline Peggy Tinsley, Kerry McKirdy, Sandra Taylor, Beverly Cramp, Lisa Hartman, Edith Moore, Renee Labbe, Holly Loseth, Caroline McAndrews, Barb Davis, Bonnie Brooks

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  1971
Source:  Valemount Historical Society
Collection:  Valemount Historical Society (0119)


class photo teacher


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People arrow DiPacitoarrow
People arrow Duncanarrow
People arrow Smitharrow
People arrow McKirdyarrow
People arrow Meersmanarrow
People arrow Kettlearrow
People arrow Olsonarrow
People arrow Tinsleyarrow
People arrow Holcrowarrow
People arrow Holcrowarrow
People arrow Bainarrow
People arrow Andersonarrow
People arrow Rosearrow
People arrow Towersarrow
People arrow Tambolinearrow
People arrow Tinsleyarrow
People arrow McKirdyarrow
People arrow Taylorarrow
People arrow Cramparrow
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People arrow Moorearrow
People arrow Labbearrow
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Cities arrow Valemount arrow Schools arrow Valemount Elementary Junior Secondary Schoolarrow

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