Cranbrook: 0050.0189


                Mr. Hamilton, land commissioner for the C.P.R., tells the story of Cranbrook’s future, when he states that Cranbrook is to be the C.P.R.’s principal town on the Crow’s Nest pass line.  The C.P.R. has virtually made such a declaration in naming Cranbrook as the divisional point.  With evidence of this nature it is easy for the public to decide where the beneficial influences will be directed by the C.P.R.

            Before snow flies next fall Cranbrook will be the divisional point, the junction of the North Star branch, and will also have a smelter in course of erection.  These three features as elements of success in the up-building of the town will simply form the lodestone for many other important enterprises that will be located here during the summer months.

            It is easy enough to talk about establishing business houses in a new town, but merchants, manufacturers and directors of any enterprise must have a field in which to work before they can be induced to invest their capital.  A purchasing population is essential to secure success in any mercantile business, and until there is some assurance in that way, business men are slow to locate in a town.  With Cranbrook the situation is different.  The action of the C.P.R. in making this the divisional point gives positive assurance that there will be a large number of people located here permanently on the completion of the route to this point.  The building of a branch road from Cranbrook to the North Star mine will add still more to a population that will be positive and not prospective.  And the further fact that Cranbrook is so situated that she can be easily reached from any part of the district, gives an immediate market to the Cranbrook merchant by the very fact that the place is so accessible.

            Cranbrook is making no empty promises to delude prospective purchasers.  The town is jointly held by the C.P.R. and the original owners, and the policy of the C.P.R. is to make it a permanent place of importance.  A mere statement of what has been actually done is better than glittering generalities on a problematic future so freely indulged in by some classes of townsite boomers.  The managers of the Cranbrook townsite are aiming at permanency, and a success that is based on the implicit confidence of the people.  They are in a position to assure those who are looking for a location that Cranbrook will have a population with a steady pay-roll, and the best tributary territory from which to draw trade of any town in East Kootenay.

0050.0189: Cranbrook

The C.P.R. makes declaration that Cranbrook will be their divisional point, guaranteeing Cranbrook continuing growth.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  April 5, 1898
Pages:  4
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


land commissioner divisional point junction smelter merchants manufacturers townsite payroll


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