Chinese Exclusion: 0050.0174


            An orderly meeting of the citizens last night was held in Shannon’s Hall to discuss the question of admitting Chinese into this camp.  J. Irvine was elected chairman and Percy F. Goderviath secretary.  The chairman opened the meeting with a few remarks as to the admission of the Chinese and called on the meeting to express its views.  Messrs. McInnis, McDonald, Chas, Alwyn, ………….

            Mr. Thomlinson spoke at length in favor of Chinese labor, but admitting that employers of such help should have regard for public sentiment.  A committee composed of Messrs. Angrigon, McDonald, Hoben, Alywen and Stewart were deported to interview the mess Club and present to them the following resolution:

            “That a meeting of the citizens of New Denver held in Shannon’s hall on Wednesday evening, December 16, 1896; the meeting after discussion of the matter of the admission of Chinese into this camp resolved Chinamen are wholly unnecessary to its welfare and prosperity also that a committee should inform the members of the Mess Club to dispense with their Chinese cook.”

            The committee will report on the result of the interview at a meeting to be held to-night.

0050.0174: Chinese Exclusion

New Denver citizens meet to discuss letting Chinese into their camp to work. After discussions delegation went to place of employment for the Chinaman and told them they had to get rid of him.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 17, 1896
Pages:  1
Publisher:  The Ledge (New Denver)
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


meeting citizens camp mess club chinese cook


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