Kettle River Gold: 0050.0151


            Highly colored reports about a rich strike of placer gold on Kettle River have been agitating the Boundary Creek camp for some weeks past.  It appears that the neighborhood has been worked by the patient Celestial and that he has struck pay dirt of enormous richness, the gravel running as high as 25 cents to the shovel.  There is a settlement at the mouth of Rock Creek, the nearest point to the reported strike.  There was a placer rush to this country about twenty-five years ago, and since then more or less gold continuously.  A mining recorder is stationed at the mouth of Rock Creek.  Of recent years the whites have done considerable hydraulicing there and quite recently the Chinese have gone in to work the placer ground long since abandoned by the whites.

0050.0151: Kettle River Gold

Reports of rich strike of placer gold on Kettle Creek.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  October 5, 1893
Pages:  3
Publisher:  The Ledge (Nakusp)
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


reports rich strike placer gold camp celestial mining recorder hydraulicing


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