Fernie Policing: 0050.0142

            Following on the heels of the request of the Cranbrook city council to ask the provincial government to take over the policing of the city, the city of Fernie, after a somewhat stormy session, has also decided in favor of the provincial police system.  Fernie two weeks ago decided to retain the city police, reducing the force to two men and cutting the chief’s salary to $175.00 a month.  As a result of dropping Constable Gillespie from the force fireworks developed when charges and counter charges were made against the chief by Constable Gillespie, who charged that the chief was using trust funds.  Sherwood Herchmer acted for the chief.  Dissatisfaction with the entire force led to the matter being re-opened at a later meeting of the city council when the question of bringing in the provincial police was re-opened by Alderman Minton, who stated that if one-third of the rumors that were going the rounds about the police force were true, some drastic measure should be taken.  The council went into committee of the whole to deal with the matter.  When the meeting was again thrown open it was decided that in view of the lack of harmony on the police force and the constant squabbling that seemed to prevail, that the city reverse its decision regarding the policing of the city and that the province be asked to take charge as per the contract submitted by Assistant Superintendent Dunwoody.

0050.0142: Fernie Policing

After Fernie City Council decided to keep city police, much squabbling followed causing them to reconsider their decision and are now going to Provincial Policing.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  February 26, 1931
Pages:  2
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


city council provincial police government chief meeting


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