Change Poem: 0050.0140

                                    OUR COUNCIL


It seems our city fathers are having quite a row,

And our Ship of State has foundered before she wet her prow.

The crew was picked and quartered; the captain a man of note;

But someone, do you get me?  Someone rocked the boat.


There were questions to be answered, suggestions made pro tem,

And weighty were the arguments among the crew of men.

The policing of our city was one they did duly note,

And after serious argument, the thing was put to vote.


The sails were finally hoisted, - her course was truly laid,

The gallant crew were posted, and commands were all obeyed.

But oh, the good ship slowly listed, someone had played the goat,

Someone, yes someone, had surely rocked the boat.


Up rose her spunky captain, and to his crew he said;

“I’ll quit the bally schooner, get someone else instead.”

Now helpless at her moorings lies the listed Ship of State,

And our sympathy is tendered to a crew with such a fate.


So now provincial constables are quartered in our town;

Chief Halcrow is in mourning; you can see it by his frown;

The bootleggers are atremble as they sneak from door to door,

For their harvest of easy money is gone for evermore.

0050.0140: Change Poem

Newspaper article in form of poem relating to fight among Cranbrook City Councellors over going to provincial policing, causing Mayor and three Aldermen to temporarily resign.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  February 19, 1931
Pages:  3
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


council city fathers ship of state captain crew policing bootleggers


People arrow Halcrowarrow
Cities arrow Cranbrook arrow Governance arrow Councilarrow
Cities arrow Cranbrook arrow Services arrow Policing arrow Provincialarrow
Social arrow Criminal Activity arrow Liquorarrow
Communications arrow Poetryarrow


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