Change To Provincial Police: 0050.0139

PROVINCIAL POLICE ASKED TO TAKE OVER. – Motion To Rescind Lost By 5 to 2. – Mayor Roberts and Aldermen Scott, Balment and Little Take Seats at Regular Council Meeting..

            The flare-up in municipal matters which culminated in the resignation of Mayor Roberts and Aldermen Balment, Scott and Little, has run the course and all the council members were in their respective places on Thursday evening last, which was the regularly called meeting of council.  Superintendent Philpot, Fire Chief Adams and City Electrician Hall were also in attendance as well as some twenty-five ratepayers and spectators.  The meeting was in direct contrast to that which took place the week previous.

            The first matter taken up was the question of rescinding the motion to have the provincial police take over the policing of the city.  Alderman Collier moved and Alderman Flowers seconded that resolution No. 369 (?), which called for policing the city by provincial police, be rescinded, both of whom stated they were of the same opinion as before, Alderman Flowers contending the people should have an opportunity to vote on the matter.  He said he was strongly of the opinion that a plebiscite should be considered.

Police Commissioner Speaks.

            Alderman Scott suggested that it might be well to hear from members of the police commission, Mayor Roberts approving the suggestion.  Police Commissioner Shankland congratulated the council on again being in their seats and was glad they reconsidered their action.  He made it clear that in presenting the petition it in no way involved the resignation of the council.  Over three hundred of the ratepayers of Cranbrook, he said, are in favor of the present system.  He closed by asking the council to rescind its previous motion.

            Ex-mayor Cameron briefly addressed the meeting, stating he had signed the petition, but with no intention of asking the council to resign.  The whole affair had been a bad knock to the city of Cranbrook.

            Mayor Roberts asked if any other ratepayers wished to speak.  The mayor then put the motion moved by Alderman Collier and Flowers, which was lost by a vote of five to two.

Asks for Return of Petition

            Commissioner Shankland requested the return of the petition containing the original signatures, which he promised to return.  His Worship said he would like time to consider the matter as it was an unusual request, the petition being read into the minutes of the city council.

            Alderman Flowers moved and Alderman Collier seconded, the return of the petition.  After discussion it was agreed that the city clerk furnish Mr. Shankland with a copy of the names on the petition.

Regular Business

            A letter was read from the secretary of the Cranbrook Branch, Canadian Legion, applying for rebate of taxes or a grant equivalent thereto.  The matter was referred to the finance committee for consideration when bringing down their estimates.

            Correspondence from A.E. Ames and Co., and the Royal Financial Corporation, Ltd., regarding purchase of $25,000 debentures, covering 1930 local improvement work was read.  The city clerk was instructed to write A.E. Ames offering them a ten-day option on these debentures at $97.50, and accrued interest.

            A letter from the private secretary to the Hon. H.H. Stevens, acknowledging a letter from the city of January 28th applying for a grant for clearing and leveling the airport site, was read and the matter was left with his worship, who also had correspondence in connection with the matter.

            The Hanson garage wrote the city offering a Ford truck for $300.00.  The matter was referred to the light committee for consideration.

            A letter from the Sunrise Super Service station was read asking for a portion of the tire repair work of the city.  The finance committee presented accounts amounting to $15,438.80(?), which were passed and ordered paid.

            The reports of the dairy inspector and health and relief committee were read and ordered filed.

100 Men On Relief

            Superintendent Philpot reported one hundred men on direct relief at the present time.

            Reports of the electric light department and fire committee were read and received.

Provincial Police

            Moved by Alderman Balment, seconded by Alderman Attridge, that the commissioner of provincial police, Victoria, be advised by wire that the council has now decided by a vote of five to two, to proceed with the arrangements for the policing of the city by provincial police.

            A letter from Chief of Police Halcrow requesting the sanction of the council to the exchange of positions with the chief of police at Transcona, Manitoba, was read.  The city clerk was instructed to write Mr. Halcrow explaining that negotiations were under way for the policing, and the council were unable to authorize the exchange of positions requested.

            Superintendent Philpot presented an account from the Hanson Garage covering repairs to a car belonging to Vincent Fink which was backed into by George Russell, a city truck driver. The chairman of the work committee was authorized to take the matter up with Mr. Fink and see what adjustments can be made.

            The meeting adjourned at 11:15 p.m.

0050.0139: Change To Provincial Police

Returning to their seats after resigning, Mayor and Aldermen vote 5 to 2 in favor of turning Cranbrook over to Provincial Policing.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  February 19, 1931
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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