3 Killed In Explosion: 0050.0029


            Field, B.C., Jan. 3 – (Special to the Times)  Three muckers named Maretti, Paulo and J. Duffy were blown up and killed in an accidental explosion of dynamite in McDonnell & Gzowski’s grading contract, near here last Monday.  The explosion was due to stray pieces of gelignite that had not got mixed with dirt on the grade.  Several gangs who were working  in the vicinity had narrow escapes from the flying pieces of rock which were hurled in all directions.

            Following is the verdict of the coroner’s jury: “That the deceased came to their deaths by the accidental discharge of gelignite which in our opinion was not discharged over night owing to the bottom portion of that charge having been displaced by one of the previous discharges, all reasonable precutions [sic.] appear to have been taken.”

0050.0029: 3 Killed In Explosion

Newspaper article three muckers blown up and killed in accidental explosion of dynamite.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  January 4, 1908
Pages:  1
Publisher:  The Golden Times
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


explosion muckers accidental dynamite grading contract gelignite verdict coroner's jury deceased


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