First Election Results: 0050.0003

G.T. ROGERS WAS OUR FIRST MAYOR - First Election - - Good Turnout (from The Cranbrook Herald, November 23, 1905)


For Mayor.

G.T. Rogers                                                                                                   114

A. Moffat                                                                                                         57


For Aldermen.

J.P. Fink                                                                                                         142

D.E. Murphy                                                                                                 131

Jas. Greer                                                                                                       112

H. Hickenbotham                                                                                         110

G.P. Tisdale                                                                                                    94

Joseph Jackson                                                                                                89

Jabez Harris                                                                                                    84

P.D. Hunt                                                                                                        82

J. Ryan                                                                                                              81


The Lucky Ones.

Mayor – G.T. Rogers; Aldermen – J.P. Fink, D.W. Murphy, James Greer, H. Hickenbotham, G.P. Tisdale, and J. Jackson.


            Cranbrook’s first election, Nov. 22, 1905, passed off quietly.  There were 173 ballots cast out of an even 200 names registered.  The vote was larger than the majority of the people thought it would be, 150 being the favorite estimate on the total.  What is more, the vote was in early, in fact most of the ballots had been cast by one o’clock.

            It was a novel sight to see the ladies voting, but to their credit it can be said that they cast their ballots like veterans, and not a single one was thrown out on account of errors.

            It was generally believed that the race for mayor was pretty close, and when the count was given out and it was learned that Mr. Rogers had just twice the votes of his opponent, Mr. Moffat, there was a surprise for all.

Friendly Contest.

            The polls closed at 4 o’clock and it was a little after five when the result was announced.  The contest throughout was a most friendly one and there were no bitter feelings or wrangling throughout the day.

            In fact it was an election that the people generally might feel proud of, as it was clean and decent from beginning to end.  Naturally the successful candidates were congratulated by their friends and they received the honors of their new positions with becoming modesty.

            Mayor Rogers is engaged in the mercantile business and has been a resident of Cranbrook for the past six years, having come here from Elkhorn, Man.  In business Mr. Rogers has been very successful and personally he is very popular.

            Jacob P. Fink is a pioneer of Cranbrook, and is engaged in the Mercantile business, being a member of the firm of Fink Bros.  “Jake,” as he is known all over the district, is popular with the people as his big vote goes to show.

            D.E. Murphy is an engineer on the CPR and one of the best-liked.  Mr. Murphy gave Mr. Fink a big chase for second place in the size of the vote.

            Harry Hickenbotham is a CPR employee, having a position in the carpenter shop.  He came to Cranbrook about seven years ago from Winnipeg and is a man who has a host of friends and admirers.

            G.P. Tisdale is a merchant and a man who has carved success for himself since coming to Cranbrook and is in the election  due to the demand of a large number that he should enter the field of aldermanic honors.

            James Greer is pioneer in Cranbrook and one of the best known contractors in East Kootenay and his popularity was shown by his big vote.

            Joseph Jackson is a CPR conductor, a man who did not want to run for the office, but who was forced to by his army of friends.

Seek Offices.

            There are quite a number of applicants for office under city administration.  For the office of city clerk T.M. Roberts and L.W. Patmore are understood to be in the running.  For city solicitor, G.H. Thompson is the only candidate that the Herald has heard of.  For chief of police, Bert Black, D. Mckan and R.S. Baron are in the field.  The mayor and council will hold a caucus tomorrow evening when these matters will be taken up and probably settled.

0050.0003: First Election Results

Newspaper article looking back 60 years to the first Cranbrook election for Mayor and Aldermen.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 29, 1965
Pages:  13
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0050)


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