Cranbrook the Best: 0051.0904

COMMENDS CITY TOURIST PARK OF CRANBROOK. – Lethbridge Commissioner States This Will Be Best On Red Trail.

            Giving his impression of a 1300-mile ten-day auto trip spent while on vacation from which he has just returned, Commissioner Meech, in an interview with the Lethbridge Herald, had the following to say:

            “About every second car one meets on the trunk roads until nearing the towns and cities seem to be carrying camping outfits.  The first requisites of a tourist camp are cleanliness, good water and a chance to get a good wash and facilities for cooking.  All the camps except the roadside camps provided by the B.C. government had an attendant who not only kept things clean, but in most instances he was well provided with maps and literature of the district.  In some cases the daily bulletins of road conditions issued by the American Automobile Association were posted at the camp.

            The bulletins, by the way, gave the road conditions to McLeod, but do not touch from there easterly.  A charge is made at most of the camps from 25c to 50c per day.  At three of the camps shower baths were provided, and a fourth – Cranbrook – was installing them, and it appeared to me that Cranbrook would soon have about the best camp on the All Red route.  Most of the camps that charged a parking fee provided hot and cold water and chopped wood for cooking.  About 50 per cent. of the camping tourists carried gasoline cooking stoves.  I gathered that about 60 per cent. were touring on holiday, and with the other 40 per cent. it was “moving day.”

Visits Spokane.

            Spokane, which by the way, has a commission of five for its government, has two camps, one free, and one at which a charge of 50c per car per day is charged.  In the latter the toilet accommodation includes hot and cold water, shower baths, facilities for washing clothes, the fixtures being very good, the buildings being of concrete and kept quite clean.  This camp is owned by the city parks department and the layout has the approval of the American Automobile Association, which body is very highly thought of by the American autoist, and does splendid work along the lines of keeping its members posted on road conditions, issuing reliable maps and plugging away for better roads.  Speaking of maps, the one issued by our own Tourist Association, the Southern Alberta and South Eastern British Columbia, we found to be one of the best.  One camp we visited, provided a ladies’ rest room with open fireplace going full blast, easy chairs, curtained windows, etc.

0051.0904: Cranbrook the Best

Lethbridge Commissioner stating Cranbrook would soon have the best tourist camp on route.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  July 4, 1924
Pages:  8
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


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