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The conditions of today in Cranbrook and the conditions a year ago present a most striking contrast.  Then the town, although having a good start, consisted chiefly of hope in the future.  The permanency of the institutions were not fully established, and business men, although perfectly confident, were speculating to a great extent on the prospects of the district and the probable relations of Cranbrook to the district in event of successful development.  The stage of speculation has been safely passed during the last twelve months, and the absolute permanency of the town as the business center of South East Kootenay, the mining center of this district and the railway center on the Crows Nest Pass railway has been fully established in every respect.  Although there has been nothing to give the town a boom, yet the growth has been steady and positive.  Business men, in balancing their ledgers for the new year, can do so with a feeling of satisfaction that the balance, and a good one, too, is on the right side.  There are no complaints.  Their business has been good, and has steadily grown, giving them an assurance that encouraged purchases that proved profitable, as they met the needs of an increasing market, and the demands of a more prosperous people.


Cranbrook, today, is the recognized center of the district in every line of business, and her wholesale houses are doing an increasing business as the months roll by.  Her people are happy in their prosperity, and hold only the kindest feelings for all other towns in the district, all of which are enjoying a most satisfactory degree of development.


Today Cranbrook has 1200 people, and one marked difference as compared with a year ago is the rapid increase in the number of comfortable homes.  More than a year ago The Herald said that “Beautiful Cranbrook,” owing to her many advantages in location and other conveniences, would naturally become the home town of the district, and that prediction is being rapidly verified.  Handsome homes are going up in all parts of the town, and plans are being made for many more that will be built at the opening of next season.


Cranbrook, today, is all right, and her people are all right.  She has prospects for the future that are not excelled by any town in British Columbia, and five years more, with the rapid progress that is sure to follow in the mineral development of South East Kootenay, Cranbrook will be a city of from 5000 to 10,000 people, and the center of a magnificent district.

0051.0301: Cranbrook Growth

Comparing Cranbrook 1898 to 1899, where speculation on the city has turned into reality.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 21, 1899
Pages:  2
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


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