Fred Roo: 0051.0299


Fred Roo, the inimitable and ever refreshing merchant, hotel proprietor, grain dealer and all-around hustler of Phillipps, was in town last Friday.  Fred blew in like a whirlwind, shook hands with a legion of friends, bought a big bill of goods of Jake Fink, and blew out again on the noon train, leaving a hole in the air behind him.  His Cranbrook friends are glad to know that he is keeping the wolf off the back porch, and that Phillipps is to become the mining, commercial and social center of East Kootenay.

0051.0299: Fred Roo

Reporting on whirlwind visit from all-around hustler from Phillipps.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 14, 1899
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Herald
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


visit merchant hotel proprietor grain dealer hustler whirlwind bill of goods train mining commercial social center


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