Elko: 0051.0242

A RAILWAY AND SMELTER CENTRE – Elko – An Outfitting Point for the Flathead District.

            The town of Elko is situated on the line of the Crow’s Nest Railway at the western outlet of the Crow’s Nest Pass.

            This point, which is within 12 miles of the coal mines is the nearest railway point to the Montana line, and in the near future is destined to become the railway centre of Southeast Kootenay.  At the present time, Elko has direct connection with the Crow’s Nest line, and what is known as the Jennings branch of the Great Northern railway.

            There is a magnificent water power, the finest in Southeast Kootenay, and abundance of saw logs and mining timber surrounding it, also copper mines in the immediate neighborhood.  Elko, with its natural advantages, is an ideal spot for a large city, and is destined to be the smelting and railway centre of Southeast Kootenay.

            The completion of the Crow’s Nest line has brought Elko within six hours ride of Nelson, Rossland and other well known centres of West Kootenay; also within two hours ride of towns situated in Montana, south of the International boundary.

            All roads and trails in the southern portion of the Kootenay valley centre at Elko.  The South Kootenay Pass, which is the most direct, and easiest traveled [sic] trail, is the principal route into the now famous Flathead valley, and at present makes Elko the natural supply and outfitting point for that district.

            The opening of the Flathead reserve will be of immense advantage to Elko.  The trail to Wigwam river and Lodge Pole creek is now open.  Prospectors and locators of claims can secure all necessary supplies, pack animals, etc., for a trip into that district at Elko.

            As a railway center, Elko has two branch lines, connecting with transcontinental railways; and the Kootenay Central and Corbin road, will when completed make connections at this point.

0051.0242: Elko

Newspaper article reporting on a railway and smelter centre in Elko.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  April 16, 1904
Pages:  1
Publisher:  The Prospector
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


railway centre smelting centre supply outfitting


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