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            Since 1897 conditions in Southeast Kootenay have made a rapid advance towards converting anticipation and the realization of the lumber resources of the district.

            The Kootenay valley’s abundant supply of timber is a resource that is attractive to those who combine in a degree the gift of foresight and patience.  Large tracts are found in this valley of the Kootenay whereon the timber is first class, and the tracts heavily timbered.

            In the past few years the relations between the lumber manufacturers of the Kootenays, and dealers in the Northwest Territories have been getting closer, for obvious reasons.  The home market is a rapidly growing one and with a steady growing population in Alberta and the Northwest, a constantly increasing demand is made upon the Kootenay mills for all the surplus manufactured.

            Few people have taken deep thought of the extent and volume of the lumber trade of Southeast Kootenay, that the lumber and timber industry has assumed vast proportions.  And when we stop to consider for a moment this is not to be wondered at; for at the present time there are 29 lumbering plants operating in Southeast Kootenay with a good home market, while the surplus product is marketable in Alberta, where the region is treeless and must be supplied from the nearest producing point.

            It may be stated here that the main portion of marketable timber is found in the northern part of the Kootenay valley, where there are hundreds of miles of good timber, awaiting the construction of the Kootenay Central railway, which will furnish the necessary means of transportation to a market.  As it stands at present Southeast Kootenay, with increase railway facilities will be for many years the most important lumbering district of this province, and those who own timber limits will reap a rich harvest.

            The advantage of geographical position is possessed by Southeast Kootenay in competing for the trade of Alberta and Manitoba.  For the present, or near future, lumbermen will have no occasion to complain, and no regrets in reviewing the past year, for the year’s business was a banner year, and the outlook for the present season is just as good, and there is no reason to fear that Kootenay lumbermen will shut down any of their saw-mills this summer for lack of a market.

0051.0236: Lumber Industry

Reporting on constantly increasing demand upon Kootenay mills due to rapid growth in home markets in Alberta and Northwest.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  March 26, 1904
Pages:  2
Publisher:  The Prospector
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0051)


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